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Latigo 27 Apartments

1601 Southwest 27th Avenue

Ocala, FL 34471



Resident · 2015 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I lived here for 2 years. In the two years I lived there it was nothing but the worse experience ever. From the drive by that Latigo tried to cover up by saying it was police activity to people breaking into cars, I would have rather stayed in the hood apartments next door.. But that wasn't the worse part, I had mold from the time I moved in to when I left. When LATIGO came to do my walk through, let me tell you, THEY really tried it. LATIGO told me THEY was deducting for trash that was on top of the dryer, when I swept it off, it was stuff the old tenant left before I moved in. So I returned the apartment better than the way I received it but LATIGO will screw you out of any deposit, so do not expect to get anything back. Lets see. When my upstairs neighbor took a shower, it leaked downstairs. Ants were always in my apartment coming in from the Windows, I guess, idk. But there were tons of ants, the bed, walls, whatever but I kept spraying because these unprofessional people at the office were rude and I dreaded having to go in to pay rent each month. Anything to avoid the rental office, these ladies bend over backwards for the --------- tenants and show no respect for any other race of people, I have sat and watched how they treated people differently. The maintenance crew are the only nice ones. And they get yelled at when the front office ladies need to be fired and new people need to come in. I have plenty of pix of the damage to clothing items from the mold. Just BEWARE, IT'S AN overcharged ------. Don't be fooled by the outside, they pick who they rent the updated apartments to and then put the others in the old apartments. The inside of the apartments are good for $500 - $600 a month but nothing more. But they charge way more because when new owners took over and were wasting money on outside repairs and could care less what the insides look like. They set up sprinklers so u have to pay for water now. The fluke of a security gate is always causing some kind of problems. Oh by the way, they enter your apartment whether you tell them you want to be present or not, for maintenance repairs.. And expect about a book full of wasted paper from the office letting you know to keep your AC running to keep the mold down. In my new home, none of this happened. I know the difference between good places to live and not. And this one is a NOT. Oh BTW, U will not be able to tour your unit, only their model apartment, so they can lie to you about what the apartments look like. My apartment had all OLD appliances, carpet was worn out. I sprayed so much bleach to keep the mold down, I noticed the different layers of paint on the wall. Corporate is no better, so don't even complain. I tried because of how bad the mold was. All they said was to spray bleach and get over it.
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Latigo 27 Apartments

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