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ARIUM Windermere

2415 Treasure Landing Parkway

Ocoee, FL 34761



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Office Staff
Nokeyisleforme • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
As a past Key Isle resident, I agree with the negative reviews. The show apartment is nice, but what you get is NOT what they show. When I moved in, I expected the carpet to be at least clean, and it was not. Dirt stains and holes were everywhere. The walls did not appear to be repainted before I moved in, as there were many marks on them.<br><br>If you have a problem in your apartment, do not complain to Gladis. Gladis is rude and not easy to deal with. Royce is nice but apparently unaware of the problems with the complex. The matienence staff is a joke at best. The grounds look okay, but compared to other apartment complexes for the same price range, it looks run down.<br><br>There are a few little retention ponds in the complex, and I had originally wanted an apartment with a "view", but they will charge you an arm and a leg to have a window facing the pond. There are signs posted for residents to not fish in the ponds, but they still do. I've seen many people pulling fish out of it, God knows what they do with them.<br><br>Parents let their teenaged children run wild through the complex, so forget it if you want to go workout or use the pool at night. They hang around, making noise and generally tearing up the place. Complaints to the office do nothing. They also decided one day to see how many pieces of gum they could stick to the signs on the entry gates (warning you that Key Isle is not responsible for damage to your car from their gates, but not telling you that there is an EXCELLENT chance the gate WILL harm your car); the piles of gum sat on the signs for months.<br><br>Yes, the gates were almost always broken, and had a tendancy to swing back and hit your car or just not open at all. Again, if you complained, it fell on deaf ears because "the signs are clearly posted that they are not responsible for damage due to the gates".<br><br>The walls are apparently made out of paper or cardboard because you can easily hear things going on in other apartments. Bugs abound in all apartments, especially silverfish and ants. I am a clean person, but no matter how clean I kept my apartment, bugs were always present.<br><br>Parking is, like the previous poster said, a nightmare. I worked until 6, and when I would get home around 7, there was usually no parking spots available. Almost every night I was forced to park in the street along the curb, which allowed me to receive a "towing ticket" smacked on my window twice and numerous dings and scratches from cars trying to pass by. When all of the spots are filled and there are still 8-10 cars left to park, where are they supposed to go?<br><br>The price you pay versus what you get is not worth it. I would recommend that you look at other apartments in the area and pay a little less for a better place to live. I am EXTREMELY happy to be out of that toilet bowl.
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ARIUM Windermere

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