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Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
Id have to agree with most of the other negative reviews! I have had the same expierences with the Silverfish. We also have had really bad fleas (we dont own a pet & were accused of having one when we asked for the 5th time for pest control to spray)!<br>They DO have strict rules about not loitering in the halls, but living in affordable housing brings in a lot of (not ALL) criminals and trash. They do what they want anyways. Our carpet has been dirty since moving in, and they would not have anyone come back to clean it again without US paying for it! If they have to replace or fix anything for you, they charge you and then use the cheapest materials they can find! The only person who is not flat out rude to you when you ask for something is the manager. She has been pretty good to us. The others...not so much. The gate is ALWAYS broken, and on the rare occasion that it is working, our gate passes dont work or the arm of the gate comes crashing down on your car when you try and pull threw! Since being here I know of 1 beating and a murder, but the fire truck is there A LOT!<br>I do not even let my children outside to play! The irresponsible parents who do let their kids run around barefoot, dirty and cussing obsenities all of the time! I can honestly say that it will financially help you out of a rough situation for a short time if you must, but, you will make up for it when it costs you your sanity!
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