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Arbors At Lee Vista Apartments



Resident 2013 - 2015


The interior of the apartment is average. Nice space and you get a storage unit with each unit which is beneficial. I personally have never dealt with any break in's or seen any cars on blocks but I have lived here during the time when we have received notification to BOLO regarding these issues. 1. I am extremely displeased with the people that they have contracted to do their valet trash pick up. The guys let the juices run throughout the halls, maintenance makes no effort to upkeep the halls each day. Also the trash guys are allowed to leave bags that they decide are "to heavy" for their poor weak muscles. They say the bag cannot be above 25lbs, ok well i don't see any of those guys weighing any of the bags on a scale. If i let my trash sit there then I have to pay an extra fee on top of the monthly valet trash fee i pay each month for them to not do their jobs. Their arrival time is always inconsistent. I've even come home and heard them coming through at 2am!!! We are also only allowed to put out our trash at certain time during the day in which I work during those hours. Further, they get friday and saturday off so the days when trash is the heaviest they force us to pile it up in our apartments because the company doesn't have enough trash guys to have a 7 day a week service, but we still have to pay them for the ENTIRE month. I have a spinal fracture and pay someone to carry the garbage for a reason, if i can pick it up you men can pick it up. 2. since i moved in two years ago the quality of residents have declined drastically. Now i realize everyone needs a place to live, but if you bring trash in and let it rot then it ends up stinking and breeding maggots that turn into flies and it just multiplies. The type of residents here don't care about ANYONE around them. I have had to complain multiple times to the office about loud parties where people are screaming and laughing till 3am, being able to hear people having sex so loud in the apartment above that i literally recorded the noise on my cell phone, being to literally hear video games being played so loudly that i could tell you exactly which game was being played. people sun bathing around the front pond in the grass instead of going to the freaking pool! 3. Parts of the gates are always just randomly broken. Not something like the gate where the cars go through but actual portions of the gates in which no one goes in or out of, so odd. 4. They allow residents to park their cars in backwards. This hadn't been an issue till about a year ago. This makes it very difficult to get my child out of the back seat of my vehicle because someone decided to back in. So now i'm squeezing my childs carrier out of my car while trying not to hit the side mirrors of the car next to me. Other residents say they do it because other people let their kids run around the parking lot and they get worried they won't see them. I think this is simply an excuse, there are plenty of public parking lots that don't allow you to park in backwards. 5. Drainage around the buildings barely exists. I literally had to buy rain boots to get through the water to get to my vehicle. Water gets around ankle deep or higher throughout building 1. It is insane! And its not just parts of the walkways its the entire walk way and into the grass. Its also all of the walkways till you get to the parking lot. One day the water was so high i couldn't even go to work because i was afraid of walking through standing water with a pond so close to me, who knows what kind of bacteria could be in there or bugs and snakes. 6. WHEN THEY DO DECIDE TO CARE ABOUT KEEPING THE BUILDINGS CLEAN, they pressure wash the buildings and instead of doing the full job they only do it half ---. They pressure wash and move on allowing there to be standing water that then causing mold and insects to fester in the area. As we all know standing water brings mosquitos especially in florida. 7. porches are not level, so when it rains there is standing water on my porch. I've tried time and time again to push the water off my porch but its very difficult to do with my spinal fracture. So it ends up molding. Also when i first moved in i told them that there was water damage in the ceiling of the porch- they came through but it was never ever fixed so when it rains theres now a hole in the ceiling which water leaks through. I will be moving out soon so i will update you all on how that works out regarding any kind of fees they decide to charge me even though- nothing is on my walls and my carpet is perfectly fine. I have a housekeeper that comes through twice a month since i work so often, but from what i read they will probably try to charge me an arm and a leg in move out fees. I thought about going through with the $100 cleaning fee they provide when you move out- doesn't look like i will be doing that now seems like a scam from what i've read in other reviews. NEVER COMING BACK AND NEVER WILL RECOMMEND EVER AGAIN!!!

Review 12 out of 102

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June 2021





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