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Arbors at Maitland Apartments

8636 Villa Point

Orlando, FL 32810

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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
Please read this before considering The Arbors at Maitland Summit as your new home, it s lengthy, but worth it!! In November(ish) of 2006 I found the Arbors property to be simply breath taking. It appeared very well kept and the staff seemed outgoing and friendly. My how I was deceived. Problems with this complex began before I moved in. A member of the Arbor s staff took me to view where my new home would be located Building 18, apartment number 1818. My apartment was located in a very dark passageway that was also the home of a recessed area, which housed 4 storage units. Even in broad daylight it was difficult to see the keyhole on the door and the storage area (which I would have to walk past to get to my door) was pitch black. This to me as a single female living alone was a safety hazard. I asked the complex in November to address this issue. They agreed the building was designed poorly and they would look into getting more lighting in the area. I moved in mid January. The lighting issue had not been addressed. I made several complaints that fell upon deaf ears until in mid February I pulled a woman named Michelle (who I believe was the property manager at the time) out to my apartment mid-day to take a look at the problem for herself. Only then did they FINALLY fix the lighting issue. <br>Then there was the roach issue. I have lived in some dumpy apartments and none have been as roach infested as this one. It was not unusually for me to kill between 10 and 13 roaches in ONE month. I called almost every week (they wont put you on ahead of time, you have to call that week) to have someone come and spray for roaches. Once again my complaints fell upon deaf ears until I started bringing the dead roaches up to the office in front of potential renters. Only then did they finally do more then spray a little chemical in the corners. <br>Then there was the trash issue. Along with your rent, you pay an extra $15 a month to have valet trash service. There are threats of fines if you do not put your trash out on time or if your trash is left out past a certain time. However, there was a period of 6 weeks where my trash was NEVER picked up. I had to take it out myself and I still had to pay $15 for trash pick up. They tried to smooth things over with a gift certificate to Publix, which I will admit was a kind gesture, but their promises of the pickup service improving were empty and worthless. <br>I encountered yet another problem upon moving out. I have a large dog, a Chocolate Lab in fact. He is very well behaved and chews nothing but his own toys. However, he got sick one afternoon and had an accident on the family room carpet in two places. I steam cleaned the entire apartment and did all I could to remove the stain. However, I willingly admit there were two places on the family room carpet that were damaged, as the stain would not lift. Both areas were approximately the size of a sheet of letter paper or smaller. The family room, the bedroom and the hallway are all carpeted. The bedroom and the hallway were in perfect condition, minus normal wear and tear. However, the Arbors sent me a bill for $829 to replace the carpet in the ENTIRE apartment, not just the room I admit I damaged. This is after I put down a deposit of $700 just to have the dog in the apartment to begin with. They did apply $350 of my deposit toward the $829 bill; however, I do not feel I should have had to pay to replace the bedroom and hallway when there was no damage in either. <br><br>The Arbors at Maitland Summit is owned by Zom Residential Services whose catchphrase is More than you expect. And then Zom! Id have to agree, its far more hassle, headache and disappointment than one would expect from such an upscale and EXPENSIVE apartment complex. <br>
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Arbors at Maitland Apartments

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