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Bocage Village Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
Me and my family are residents of Bocage apartments for 2 more months and like it here very much, really quite a lot. I agree is nice and quiet, retirement community, where dogs are loved more then children. hahaha . I know they love animals more then kids because they are going to build a doggy park but the kids swings or anything that allows children to play is a liability issue ( I asked ) and they are not doing it because the insurance would increase for them or something If you choose to live here and get in, beware though not to question authority and please, please obide by ALL their rules Please don't question if you will be asked to pay for something that was free when you moved in, like the gate controls 35$ a piece where the card was free when I moved in and the gate opens I am sorry 3 seconds faster so yes there was an improvement! 3 seconds and 35 for remote control I am unfortunateyl going to agree with the gentlemen whose daughter didn't get approved to live here on some points I will not highlight I was given a notice that my lease will not be renewed this year after living here for 3 years and always paying rent on time. Absolutely no explanation as of why and was told that we shall get good referals for our next apartment. ( apparently more people got the boot not just us I have heard, no explanation ......ah well) I am from East Europe and husband from Virgin Islands. We moved to live here because I wanted my son to go to Shenandoah elementary for the full 6 years and was told they love people living here long term. The plan was to stay here until we buy a house when we are ready and give the child stability . I pray we shall be approved for the ONE MORE apartment complex that has the kids go to that school since we are not ready to buy the house yet. PS: no matter what I complained about, this may be the nicest complex I had lived in in my 15 years in Orlando. Given it is a private complex the owner makes her own rules whom she wants here, I can understand that, not happily but I do. Unfortunately we are not welcome anymore. Maybe if we were 100yo, both white and had no kids we could be here long term like the other nice grandmas and grandpas ( I really do mean nice because the residents are super nice)....................... Bliss Bliss and Good Luck
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Bocage Village Apartments

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