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Camden World Gateway

14501 Gateway Point Circle

Orlando, FL 32821



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marissae • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/20/2017
I've lived at this property for almost 15 months now and I can truthfully say they're the worst complex I've ever lived at. First off there were roaches the day we moved into our apartment. And I'm not talking the gigantic cockroaches florida is used to, I'm talking about the the small german cockroaches that get into every nook and cranny of your home. Within less than 24 hours of being in my apartment they were everywhere. In my cupboards, my kitchen drawers, my microwave and even my washing machine. Now what's surprising about that is that the apartment previously belonged to a leasing professional who had actually helped us sign our lease. He informed us that in the several years that he had lived there he had never had a roach yet they mysteriously showed up right when we moved in. The complexes excuses were that they didn't know where they had come from but that they had just sprayed the apartment upstairs the day before. When I asked why they didn't spray mine to ensure they wouldn't make their way downstairs they didn't have an answer for me. On top of the roaches the entire apartment was filthy. There was hair all over the bathroom floor and old cat food and litter all over the laundry room of the apartment. The complex manager and assistant manager Dan and Jennifer are rude and clearly lacking in the ability to do their jobs. When my porch was covered in bumblebee nests and there were thousands of bees stuck inside my screened in porch it took them more than a week to get them out. I was informed that they were going to cut a hole in the screen to get them out and instead they poisoned them all then left them their for myself and my fiancé to have to clean up. My backdoor has been broken since I moved in despite having put in several requests for it to be fixed. The maintenance men show up and work on it for five minutes then leave with it still broken. The parking it atrocious. They recently redid the parking lot and neglected to tell all of the tenants that they were doing so. Residents came home to the parking lot blocked off and no where for them to park their vehicles. These are only a fraction of the complaints I could list against Camden World Gateway and their employees. If it were possible to give them no stars I would. I whole heartedly regret moving here and would seriously suggest anyone looking stay far away. They may look nice on the outside but looks can't make up for the lack of management skills or care.
Camden World Gateway Manager05/21/2017

Hello Samuel, This is definitely not the experience you should have as a Camden World Gateway resident and I apologize that we did not live up to your expectations. I can assure you that your experience is not our standard. It is our goal for you to love where you live and receive the best customer service in the industry. You mention several things that are concerning to me so as always feel free to reach out to me at 407-239-8422. Sincerely, Dan Hobson Community Manager

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Camden World Gateway

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