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Chowder Bay



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
Wow! Where do I start. Maybe with my crack dealing neighbors below me, or maybe with the letter on my door after a long day of work explaning that a dead body was found in the bushes. The office Staff SUCKS! Where do they get these people? They are rude, heartless, cold, un-attentive jerks basically. I always love when I hear gun shots at 3:00 a.m in the morning only to find my neighbors running into their apartments for refuge! Does'nt everyone? As you have probably read...the maintanence is a joke..I swear they grabbed these people of the street and said "come with us, we have the perfect job for you!" When you do call in a complaint it will not be answered for DAYS!O yes, and when I went to the office to speak with them about the "dead body that was found" and how I refused to live there any longer and call this place my "home", my response was: "Dead bodies are found everywhere...even at hospitals...will you still go there?" Okay...now to the apartment itself. The countertops in the kitchen and bath room, floors in the kitchen and bathroom, and bath tub were permanently distroyed. No matter how long are hard you attempted to clean all of them they still displayed tons of scratches and permanent stains. The towel rack in the bathroom completley fell off the wall and only SOME of the light sockets worked. OH NO! I havent mentioned the smell! For the entire time we lived there, our apartment and EVERYTHING we owned smelled like ...I dont even know what!...MOLDY and OLD. All in all, this place should honestly be your last resort! It was ours...under EXTREME circumstances at the time. This place should be used as a punishment....not a home people are paying for! Do not make the mistake of living here...unless this kind of place sounds tempting to you.(If it does...get help!)
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Chowder Bay

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