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Chowder Bay



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Innocent • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
Chowder Bay is just that and will be until they condem the place. Granted the place can use a make over, but the rent is cheap and if you tame the roaches everything will be just great. I haven't had the pleasure of viewing any real crime like the other tenants have but I am sure it goes on. <br><br>I grew up in NYC and moved down here and finished school so I am used to crime. Just because I am used to it doesn't mean I like it. But there are far worse places you can go that have waaaaaayyyyyy more crime then Chowder Bay. I say that Chowder Bay is "------ Windermere" compared to some of those places. I think most of the complaints are just people that have worse neighbors then I have because when I first moved in the place I thought the walls were sound proof and I haven't heard a thing outside like most people do. I guess I am in a better area of the complex. I haven't heard of any break-ins or killing since the burn but that was before I moved in. I hear shots or something similar but that is my cue to get inside quicker then normal. I wouldn't recommend the place if you can afford somewhere else. But if you are looking for cheaper then you get more crime. Like the saying goes "you get what you pay for". If you do decide to chose this place just be prepared and remember that this isn't the best place but it sure isn't the worst. Good Luck where ever you find some where to live with the prices. I am getting a house soon so I will be leaving everyone plus roaches in the dust..
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Chowder Bay

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