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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
I lived here for over two years, but only because of very unfortunate circumstances (ie. tragedy in my family, hurricanes, accidents, etc.). I have been a manager for more than one major company, and I have to say that the property manager for this complex should not be in a position of any kind that interacts with human beings, let alone as a manager of a major apartment complex!!! From day one of meeting her, I felt as though she hated her job. Over the duration of my residency here, she proved to be worse and worse than I had first imagined. "Professional" is the LAST word I would use to describe her. It is a shame, because the property stands out in the area it is located (Valencia). It is a pleasantly manicured complex w/unique screened-in porches and a fountain & lake in the center. All of this is unforgettably marred by the presence of a PREJUDICED apartment manager. Once you move in, you almost immediately will want to move out. I only stayed as long as I did because of numerous unforeseen obstacles. The property manager's inability to do a good, thorough job added to this. Not to mention, if you're going to be rude and a stickler w/fees and such (even during a 4-hurricane episode) you should probably make sure that the complex is sanitary with the sasme reverence-meaning the dumpster is not toppled over w/bags of falling-out garbage practically every day!!! Parking is harder than winning the lottery, too!!! My advice to the people in charge of this 32-building complex, is to listen to what anyone and everyone has to say about her (initials A.F)- you should (and would)replace her!!!
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