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Cypress Lake at Waterford



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2005
I was searching for a new apartment near my house for my girlfriend, and I ran across this website. I was curious as to what other people had to say about this property that I was a loyal tenant of for a little over 3 years (from Nov 2001, til April 2005). I must say, most all the negative reviews I have read so far really hit the nail on the head.<br><br> The bottom line is, this property was an absolute pleasure to live in when I first moved in (under Gables management). I chose to live here while I searched for a house to buy because it was so convienent to the shopping plaza next door, and this place felt more like a home to me than just some crappy in-between place to stay. I made aquaintences with several of my neighbors, most of whom were young couples, families, and hard-working, mature people who respected there fellow renters AND the property itself. (To me, just because I rent a property doesn't incline me to let the place go to hell or to neglect sweeping up the trash outside my front door...it's still MY home) I even painted my walls, put up some track lighting, and made myself right at home. Some time later, the property was sold to (I believe it was Greystar or something like that) another management company, who basically retained the same staff and provided a smooth transition (no major rent hikes or loss of services). Then, sometime around the beginning of 2004, another management change took place (Equity management) and I noticed some radical changes. The first thing I noticed was that most all of the people that had worked in the office before were gone. I then started noticing that most all of the people I had lived here with from 2002 were suddenly leaving...in droves. I had just renewed my lease for another year about 2 weeks before the management change took place, but I found out from those that were leaving that the rent had been hiked by as much as $150 for some of the units. I supposed that I must have slipped under the carpet and counted myself lucky...until I noticed the other changes. This place absolutely changed from a nice, upscale, family-oriented living community into a college dormitory. The other reviews here pretty much sum up what that living experience was all about, so I won't bother repeating it here. Just suffice it to say that I quickly decided I would not be renewing my lease for another year...and yes, they did increase my rent at the end of that final lease....from $965 to about $1100...and that doesn't include the $95 garage...$1200 a month for college living...no thanks...it was way past time to buy a house. Really a shame. My ratings won't be so bad, but that's because I'm comparing it to really crappy places I've lived....much crappier, but also MUCH cheaper....for the money, this place shouldn't be allowed to turn into a dorm...
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Cypress Lake at Waterford

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