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pissedoffandgoingtomove • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I fell in love with this place when I saw it. It is very well-maintained, the buildings are solid (I have not yet heard any of my neighbors through the walls). The apartments are very spacious for the money ($700 for a 700 sq ft single bedroom, with washer/dryer/dishwasher, etc).<br><br>But:<br>I had been living here less than 3 weeks when my apartment was broken into (I'm on the first floor). And three weeks later I called the police because someone ran by my apartment like they were being chased (There is nothing but bushes behind my apt, and I thought maybe he was looking into peoples windows).<br><br>So not feeling safe and with 10.5 more months on my lease, I asked if they had any 2nd floor apartments. THey said yes and labeled the apartment as "Transfer - do not rent". I went back a day and a half later to give my notice of when I would be moving in and they told me they rented it.<br><br>Also, good luck getting anything _inside_ your apartment fixed. The maintenance crew must spend all their time on the landscaping, because it took almost 6 weeks to get them to fix my icemaker which was broken when I moved in.<br><br>The manager is the only one who seems to want to keep me from moving out, but she is so disorganized that she is as useless as the rest of them. On that note, never come in on the weekends or when Lynn is working--she is the exact opposite of help. When I put my deposit down on my apartment, the manager quoted me $700, but the market rate was $710. I called and spoke with the manager and she said "Don't worry-it's whatever I quoted you." A while later, I called back to double check to make sure that it was written someplace that I had been quoted a below-market price. I spoke with the assistant manager and she said "Don't worry-it's whatever is written on the application." ($700 was on my application.) When I finally came in to sign the lease, Lynn was the one "helping" me, and as she was shuffling papers, I caught a glimpse of my application--Lynn had crossed out the 700 and wrote in the market price! I refused to sign the lease until she called the manager to confirm my price. (It wasn't the $10, it was the principle! I was furious!)<br><br>I am currently thinking of terminating my lease and moving someplace else, although I am very hesitant to do that because of the previous reviewer who said they had problems doing so.<br><br>I would also like to note that I have a friend living at this complex also, and he has had no problems whatsoever. The apartment (and car and job) gods just hate me.
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Cypress Run Apartments

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