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princessanws • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
I am renting from a condo. owner and I have lived at Discovery Palms for 1.5 years. Now, I believe that apartment renters and condo. owners/renters should not mix. Previously, numerous people lived in the apartment unit above me and I had absolutely no complaints. Recently, another apartment renter moved in above me. Well, this tenant is extremely loud with every action that I know the tenant's every move. For instance, when the tenant arrives home or leaves, the tenant's location within the unit, when the tenant is copulating, which kitchen or bathroom cabinets the tenant uses, the tenant's personal conversations, what the tenant is watching on the TV or listening to the radio, etc. My unit shakes, the concrete ceilings are creaking due to the tenant's excessive noise. Well, I contacted the couple on two occasions and wrote them a really nice letter. Furthermore, I contacted management, which stated the noises are "normal living conditions and there is nothing they can do regarding this situation." Therefore, I contacted my landlord and they have been trying to resolve this issue through management. I have a CD filled with several examples of the tenant being extremely noisy via a tape recorder. Management states they cannot hear any noise and cannot prove that I am not creating the noise on the CD, but there is 80 tracks and me or my landlords had no problem identifying the noise. Furthermore, why would I lie about something so serious, especially when the police have been called out numerous times? Clearly, management never heard the CD or did not listen to all of the tracks and does not want to deal with the issue at hand. Recently, things have escalated and the tenant is threatening my life by stalking and harassing me, as well as cussing and making obscene gestures at my doorstep. You must realize that this has been going on constantly for almost three months! In the middle of everything, the management threatened to sue my landlords for harassment. What? I am living in deplorable noisy conditions and me and my landlords are attempting to resolve this issue via management; yet, they want to sue us? Obviously, management already received their money for the condo. from my landlords. Continually, they do not want to deal with the current situation because they do not want to loose money from the apartment renter. I am having a serious problem with my neighbor and management is unwilling to do anything about it! Therefore, I want everyone to stay clear of this complex - especially condo. owners because you and your renters have no rights!
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Discovery Palms

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