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Harbor Beach Condominiums



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
The staff lie. <br><br>Every single one of the leasing agents seem all too nice, until you move in that is. Stay away from Myrna, Monica too... <br><br>Monica is the Asst. Mgr. but never knows whats going on. Ask to see a real apartment first, not the demo apartment. Demand new appliances and a new AC unit, new, not recycled. <br><br>There are 600 apartments with a grounds crew of 7. Not much ever gets fixed, if fixed right. <br><br>Cars get broken into, fights breakout, people scream at all hours of the night, and thats if you live in the back. <br><br>Residents in the front get the pleasure of ------ blasting cars at all hours, VERY LIMITED parking, vandals, construction noise from SR436 and they are by the only entrance open after night fall.<br><br>Many of the buildings sustained massive damage after the 2004 hurricnae season and were patched up with popcorn ceilings for breezeway areas. As of 10/05 the corned fix is falling apart in just about every area it was instituted. Mold is growing freely on stucco and on the sheetrock exposed to the elements in stairways.<br><br>Have the office give you a guided tour around the 3 story buildings in the 36XX range. The concrete hallwars 3 flights up are cracked, theres a shell of paint on the wall from repeated coverups. <br><br>Take a look at the water spickets around the buildings, the road conditions, the old trash and furniture laying around everywhere.<br><br>Then come back after 8PM. <br><br>The entire neighborhood is ------ and the residents have no respect for the property, each other, or the law. <br><br>If youre living on the street it's a step up, but otherwise stear clear.
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Harbor Beach Condominiums

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