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Knight's Krossing



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
At first glance, Pegasus Landing looks like a nice, clean apartment complex to reside in. BUT once you move here, you realize it comes with terrible staff and maintenance. I have waited literally months to get my sliding-glass door lock fixed and a week for AC. Ridiculous. As a young lady I don't go out after dark; especially after the numerous armed-robberies, beatings, vandalisms etc within months' time. Billing is terrible and you get outlandish overage charges six months after the fact and they threaten you with eviction if you attempt to challenge it. Overages are very common for the people who conserve and use minimal water/electricity and are non-existent for those who have seven TVs with video games, daily bubble baths and keep it at 55 degrees. It doesn't make any sense. Unless you move in with friends, forget about living with someone of the same race/etnicity. They pair you up with different nationalities. It sounds nice, but implied cultural differences pose as difficulties that often make your home; your 'comfort area', a highly stressful place.<br><br>I recommend spending a little more money and living somewhere else. It's worth it... for your safety AND sanity.
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Knight's Krossing

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