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Lake Jasmine Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2012
Bad neighborhood Security is no good Parking spaces are inconvenient Private balconies are not private at all A lot of bottom floor apartments flood There is a lot of mold The cockroaches are terrible The appliances half work The porch security lights don't work The laundry facilities are trashy and and half work The lights at the pool and the basketball court don't work Playground equipment is broken and falling apart The outlets inside the apartments need to be replaced The light switches in the hall way are wired wrong The air conditioners half work Breakers in panel box melt for some reason Dishwashers are not connected correctly There is no dog park like they say there is Dog poop is every where When I first moved here I thought this place wasn't so bad from what little bit I could find out from the internet. And the complaints that I read were from the previous management, so I thought with new management they would improve. The prices are low for a reason, the commmunity is very bad,people getting kid napped, rapped, cars broken into, people fighting,and people getting shot. The office threw a party and had a big fight out there, there was a shooting at the apartment complex, and there are prostitutes always hanging around the area, at the end of the driveway there is a big adult porn shop, the apartment complex is gated but what good is it if the gates don't close, they now have spikes across the driveway that beat the bottom of the car every time you go across them but I'm not going to complain about that because it was needed desperately. The gates are not guarded so anyone can come in rite behind you. There is security but there no good, they sit in there car all night sleeping and wake up every hour to walk around. They should keep a guard at the gate at all times and stop every car that passes through.security is only here at night time. Parking places are inconvenient especially when raining. Parking spots are too narrow for full size cars and trucks. These parking spots were made for the Mazda miata cars and dodge neon, ford escort, etc. The private balcony is a waste of money because kids climb over and take your kids toys. A lot of the bottom floor apartments flood and get a mildew smell and the up stair apartments can smell it also because the bathroom vents are connected. Also you smell when it neighbors use the restroom. A lot of apartments here were recently renovated because the mold was so bad that the pair couldn't hide it and is all they did was replace the sheetrock, what about the insulation and the framing and the vents, don't you no mold is on that stuff too. I watched them cover all that up. The cock roaches are terrible my stove has been replaced twice and my refrigerator has been replaced four times. The outlets can't hold a cord, you plug a tv or alarm clock in and the cord will fall right out the wall. The light switch in the hall is wired wrong, you have to go all the way to the other end to turn the light on. Paint is peeling off the showers. Dishwashers are not connected correctly dirty water from the sink goes into the dishwasher and smells horrible. Noise is loud at night from your neighbors. Maintenance is not good at fixing problems the first or second time, and they have an attitude. The overall management and staff is terrible. There is no dog park here but they do advertise one, and there is dog poop every where because the apartment doesn't supply bags to pick it up.
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Lake Jasmine Apartment Homes

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