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Lakeside Villas



Resident · 2019
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Moved here from out of state, they added 3 months to my lease after I paid for 7 months upfront, which was supposed to be the entire lease. Maria in the office was extremely rude, and threatened to charge me $1000 for my dog who had not even entered the apartment yet. Neighbors fight in the stairways, the walls and floors are so thin that you can hear your neighbors television (it's 4AM right now and the neighbors television woke me up). If you make complaints through their online portal about noise, they ignore them and don't even both to respond. April is new in the office I believe, and she is very nice. I hope she replaced Maria, because that one was rude from the second I got here after driving across the country and having 7 months rent paid in full. When I tried to get my key originally she pretended I wasn't in the office and spent five full minutes talking to someone around the corner in the hallway waiting for me to leave. If it wasn't for Maria, I'd rate the staff better. Again, April was nice and very helpful when I needed help with understanding their online portal, but Maria made me regret even signing my lease in the first place. The landscaping renovations are nice, however they have blocked off access to the trail that runs along the side of the complex, which was a big draw when you have a pet. Speaking of pets, people don't clean up after their dogs, which means when I'm walking my dog I have to be aware that he's not walking into their messes in order to protect him from diseases that can spread from that. They also do not obey leash rules, OR the size limit on animals. Limit is 45lbs for dogs, and there are dogs here that are at least 55lbs, one lady got mad at me for walking my dog on his leash because her giant dog was off leash. Parking is fine, can get overcrowded at night but there's always something with a little bit of a walk. Laundry facilities are DISGUSTING, washing machines are often out of order. There are ants EVERYWHERE outside, and recently they fumigated several buildings for roaches. As for the interior, the carpets around the walls have paint splatter at the bottom all around the edges of the apartment, paint is running down the walls, the bathroom has no window, again you can hear neighbors through the walls and ceiling, The cabinets and drawers in the kitchen are EXTREMELY CHEAP, drawers have plastic bottoms that don't line up well and make screeching sounds when you open them, the cupboards have extremely short spaces so you can't fit basic items inside unless you lay them down. This place is not worth it! Their website IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE of what it's actually like here, and despite it being called "Lakeside" there are very few units that can even see the lake. I hope Maria has been completely replaced, but April is a very nice and very helpful person who is knowledgeable and friendly. Maria shouldn't be working with people.
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Lakeside Villas

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