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Mallard Cove at Conway



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I've been here for nearly a year now. Mallard Cove is simply the largest apartment you're going to find in Orlando for this kind of pice ($800/mo on a 1240sq ft 2 bed 2 bath?? nice! :) :) ) I have a HUGE screened in porch and my kitchen is enormous for an apartment...I can't say enough how in love I am with my apartment. The property is older, if you can't tell that on a tour, you're just not looking :p It isn't like brand new with marble countertops...managment is slowly upgrading the apartments. If you want the cheaper price, you have to cope with the older decor...It's not as bad a people on here have freaked out about by any means. I was careful to report EVERYTHING that was broken when I moved in....But then I'm totally ok with changing a lightbulb on my own (or making most repairs really) if it keeps rent this low. I have NEVER heard a neighbor through a wall in 11 months. If I sleep with the windows open, then yeah, I hear the parking lot.... The crime is not horrific; it was much worse when I lived other places here in Orlando. If you're pleasent and respectful, most of the neighbors here will watch out for you. When my room-mate's car alarm went off, about 6 people came running out to make sure she was ok. I work the night shift and have not had a problem comming home late. Again though, you're getting what you pay for, and people who look around should know that Conway isn't the "best" neighborhood in Orlando... The staff is not the greatest. You have to yell at them until you can get the manager who is awesome... but the office girls do things like "loose" 1/2 the complexes rent checks *coughs* morons... They also take DAYS to process routine maintence requests like, fixing the outdoor walkway lights.... you just have to keep on them. At the same time, I don't feel like managment is constantly bugging me like they were at other places... I like being left generally alone. Overall, it's not that bad. I love my apartment, and have been very happy here. I do feel that the staff is making a genuine effort to improve things...and I've seen the police so much less often than I did when I lived a few blocks away from here (yay!). I'll be very sad to eventually move.
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Mallard Cove at Conway

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