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Northbridge at Millenia

4902 Millenia Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32839



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Office Staff
venom00viper • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2005
Well, Over all the apartment is a great looking place with a book full of amenities. That is the nice part. The only problem is that beauty is only skin deep. The build quality is that of a group of school children. And those amenities that the office staff is so nice to sell to you, Yeah most of that stuff is not open yet. We moved in last nov and have had at least 3 or 4 disappointments a month. So many promises made to bribe us to move here that fell through. Just a month ago we finally saw the Subway open. That is great! There is now a coffee shop that is a joke. I would save money driving to starbucks where at least they know how to use a cappacino machine. We thought it would be nice living in the front buildings of the complex. At least we only have to experience those "security gates" when we have to cart our trach to the middle of the conmplex. Then we can dump it on the pile of trash already there. We might as well make our own pile right up front. As for the construction that starts before 7:30 every morning. That is getting old now. Some people do need to sleep. We don't all work 9-5. We had yet another sales tactic the other day with "northbridge survey" call. That quickley went south and we were passed off to the supervisor. He tried to offer us all kinds of bribes to stay when our lease ends. Many of months of free rent could keep me here. I hope and apartment lookers will seriously take all these tenants and leasing agents comments and make a wise decision to find a better complex. There is not enough space here to fill you in as to the many problems we have had just like the other residents. Please feel free to email me. I don't need to remain anonymous. [email protected]
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Northbridge at Millenia

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