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Park 9

9201 Nelson Park Cir

Orlando, FL 32817



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
My family and I have not even been here a month and I wish I had seen all of these reveiws before. First I was promised a ground floor apartment and ended up on the 2nd, which after living here for a week or so I am happy to have the 2nd floor, at least I only have to worry about one of the windows being protected. After the first week my fridg quit working and you would have thought I asked them to do an act of god to get it fixed. I finaly after all my food went bad had to sit in the office until they got sick of seeing my face to get a new one. I mean for christ sake it should not take 4 days to make ice!! But according to there dumba** maintenance team it is normal to take that long to make ice. He told me to my face that I was being to picky and that my fridg was fine and then told the manager, in front of me, that I wanted my freezer to freeze everything hard. I don't know about any of you but I always thought that was what a freezer was for! I then told the manager I would gladly let her come up to my home (if you could call it that) and drink the bath water worm milk I had bought only the day before or have a great big bowl of ice cream soup that was all over my floor. <br>At this point I was so angry that I told them I didn't need some jacka** coming in to my apt. and sticking his hand in my fridg. and tell mr it is working fine as he steps over a cooler full of my half bad food. <br>Then had the nerve to ask if I could wait until monday to get it fixed. <br>They did that day finaly after a week of this brought me a new fridg.<br>I will say that once I got to speak to the manager she seemed pretty upset about my issue and fixed the same day I talked with her. <br>Now I am having trouble with roaches, and yes I have lived in Florida my whole life and realize Florida has roaches, but I have never in my life had roaches!! EVER!! Again I must be asking for them for too much to fix this problem! I know I know I guess I just expect too much. <br>Now I am not even going to start with the noise or grounds and that I really feel unsafe walking outside at any time of the day more or less letting my son go out on his own. <br>Do NOT RENT!!!!!
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Park 9

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