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Park Baldwin Palms



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altrecia • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2006
I have been living in a studio at this place going on 2yrs. When I moved in I found out that people were paying as little as 469.00 a month for rent? Now they want to chrg 644.00, as the mgr Kris put it. That's almost a fourty percent increase in 2yrs.~They won't do repairs in a timely fashion; it took them 10 months, 10 ;ucking months, to patch up leak from the bathroom ceiling. I had to walk in water for about a week or so.~The building where the main office was, caught on fire. The news said that it was lightning, but there were so many unhappy employees and tenants, I am willing to bet somebody set it on fire. And I hope they did.~They have a high turn over rate with employees. Everyone, except one or two people, of their entire staff have walked out or quit.~They make promises that they don't even plan to keep. I was once told that I could move into another apt. if they did not fix my leak.~You don't want to live here. They've repainted the building, but it is all cosmetic. These apts were built in the 70's, old as dirt. Wiring and plumbing only last so long before you start having problems. I have had both, and I am sure that there are other tenants running into that same problem. As a matter of fact, I have spoke to two others today. I also spoke to an electrician, wiring is good 20-25 yrs. Hmmm, someone needs to get and inspection.~Oh yeah, the buildings are not even built that well. The first year, I had a snake in my apt. Old Mgt told me that it either came in as I was walking in or thru the walls. I don't live in an End Unit. How did the snake skip one to two apts, then decide to come in mine. Must have been because I was the only apt on the first floor that had a dog? I would hope that the dog would have scared it away. After that, I had to beg them to fix the door that the police busted down due to prior tenant, clog all holes around piping, and repalce the bad floor board.~Please stay away if you can. There are better apts out there. Trust me you don't want to have to give them your hard earned money.
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Park Baldwin Palms

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