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Park Baldwin Palms



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hottdevotchka • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
I'm still currently living at park baldwin palms, but i cannot wait until my lease is up in may.<br>I have to start from the very beginning and list everything thats happened to give you a complete idea of how bad this place really is.<br><br>I'm from south florida, so my main correspondence with managment was over the phone intitially, and then briefly in person when I drove up to do a walkthrough of the apartments. I chose these apartments because of their centralized location (easy commute for my husband and i) and also the amenities. The woman i spoke with more than anyone at the office was named Carmen, and at first, she seemed eager to help me with my move in.(only after i moved in did she show off how completely incompetent she actually was) She showed me a decently sized apartment, the larger one bedroom, and informed me that all the apartments were being remodeled and that they would all have new carpeting and appliances.<br><br>So, i went through the entire move in process applications, deposits and whatnot...and thats where it started. i sent a money order for the $180.00 apartment holding fee that they supposedly never got, so i had to fork out more money up front.<br><br>Next we show up on move in day, enormous uhaul truck in tow, and are first directed to the leasing office to sign the lease. we signed all paperwork, then while waiting for Carmen to come back with our apartment keys, we overheard some other tenants in the leasing office making complaints about their AC....yet another bad sign right off the bat.<br><br>then, after all was said and done in the leasing office, Carmen brought us to the apartment we were to move in to.<br><br>THE WRONG EFFING APARTMENT.<br>I had requested the larger one bedroom, <br>and instead, she had signed us up for the studio sized efficiency craphole closet sized apartment. Apparently, rents had just increased for all apartment sizes, and thats why i didn't catch on while she was going over our lease with us. When i confronted her about this dilemma, she acted completely confused by what i was trying to explain to her, and said that the lease had already been signed and that i could switch into a different apartment if one became available at the ENDof my one year lease. <br><br>So, we move in and try to make the best of things, telling ourselves we just won't renew her. (thats pretty sad that on our first day here we were already ready to move out)<br><br>Then began the endless array of ignorant office staff, water leaks, ac issues, flea infestations, roaches, by the way all of these maintenance issues were taken care of at the leisure of the managment her, but to continue....hot water that lasts about 15 minutes and no longer, and paper thin walls that let you hear absolutely everything the person above you and beside you is doing, for example i know that every day the person above me gets up at 7am and proceeds to use his moon boots to stomp all over his apartment and then take about a two hour shower, and being that the walls are paper thin, this two hour shower allows me the unique opportunity to listen to water making a high pitch humming through the walls. i can just tell you how fun that is EVERY DAY.<br><br>Not to mention the random people that are always just meandering through the parking lots, i'm not even sure if half of them even live here. which probably helped lead up to my husbands car being broken into and stereo stolen...AND front windshield broken.<br><br>Even his rims were attempted to be stolen because we walked out to find his lug nuts dangerously close to just falling off of his car.<br><br>All that, AND more....<br><br>several maintence requests were put in as "work orders" (which means we just don't have time for you right now....we'd rather just ignore you) i called them at least 10 times over a two month period to try to get them to replace the blinking hallway light right outside my door, and the screen door on our sliding glass doors.<br><br>And how were those taken care of you ask?<br> 1. Blinking hallway light fixed by my husband who finally got fed up and just ended up switching it himself after some uber creepy guy followed me to our front door (that was the scariest thing ever by the way) after i came home from work one day.<br><br>2. Screen door was replaced when one of our neighbors moved out and he told us just to take his. the office never came by to replace it. even after over 10 phone calls.<br><br>oh, and how can i forget about the laundry room and pools being closed down for over half the time i've lived here, AND the mysterious "fees" they add to my rent check every month. when i first moved here we<br>1. did not pay water and<br>2.rent was a set 654.00 a month<br><br>NOW<br><br>we pay 30.00 dollars a month for water and our rents increases from month to month because of these "fees" and is now over 700.00 dollars a month. Its complete BS and my theory is that they're just trying to recoop on losses they've incurred from a tornadoe which hit my building and another (which by the way they haven't even fixed yet and its been over three months with just a tarp covering the roof and half the upstairs balcony mutilated....in fact the end apartment was actually deemed unlivable by authorities, but they rented it out anyways)<br>AND the fire that tore down the clubhouse.<br>that one hasn't been fixed yet either and its just been closed up pool, laundry room, "media center" and all since july '06.<br>NOT worth the money at ALL.<br>If you like never ending problems then this place has got them. Believe me it's worth finding somewhere that may be a little out of the way in exchange for peace of mind and decent living. And try driving through apartment complexes, and talking to the current tenants, then making a decision. The extra effort will be worth it.
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Park Baldwin Palms

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