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Pine Harbour

10600 Bloomfield Drive

Orlando, FL 32825



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
I had to go through the hottest months of the year without an A/C because the apartment complex refused to perform due diligence when fixing the A/C. I had to call them out twice to fix a leaking kitchen faucet that should have been taken care of before I moved in. I had to go without a working refrigerator for two weeks because they decided to try to find a part for it that didn't exist anymore rather than just get me a new refrigerator. <br><br>During the two weeks of waiting for this new part, my fuse box literally blew up in my face. I was standing about 3 feet away from it at the time (this happened on a Friday night at 9:30). While waiting for an electrician to get the proper parts (on Monday), I had to purchase and sleep on an air mattress in an empty apartment (which had a working refrigerator, by the way). All I got from the manager of the complex on this was an "It was a random occurrence and it's unfortunate that it happened to you. We're sorry." Meanwhile, I still ended up having to purchase an A/C thermostat and replace it myself because again, after talking TO THE APARTMENT MANAGER, it still didn't get fixed.<br><br>For my troubles, I was offered $85 off one month's rent. When you realize that I paid a $450 deposit, a $200 non-refundable fee to have my apartment in good shape before I moved in, and when you realize that if I paid my rent one day late, it would cost me $94, $85 doesn't seem to cut it and it doesn t make me feel any better about the idea of resigning my lease. They couldn t even offer me 10% off a month s rent. Cheap.<br>
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Pine Harbour

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