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Regency Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
I have read the previous reviews and have to wonder if these people actually lived at Briar Creek. I lived there for 5 years until I was able to buy a house. I felt as safe as possible in an area that is slowly changing to a lower income bracket of tenants. But, that is the area, not Briar Creek.<br><br>The maintenance was handled very well. One time I had a problem with my air conditioner and it was not taken care of the first time they came out. The <br>maintenance supervisor, Pete, came and personally took care of it and even gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him directly if I had another problem with the air conditioner!<br><br>In dealing with the office, I found them to be very friendly and helpful. Only one person was less than courteous and she is no longer there. There were three different managers there during my stay. The two before Cathy were snooty and had obvious favorites among the tenants. Cathy was firm but fair and treated everyone the same without playing favorites. One time I asked her to make an exception and not charge me a late fee because I was out of town when the rent was due. She was sympathetic but said she could not make an exception for me unless she was going to do it for everyone. I wasn't happy with that answer, but, I knew she was only doing her job. She may not always say what you want her to but she is honest and fair.<br><br>I moved out on a weekend and Cathy was not available to do a walk through with me. She did it a couple of days later and was not unreasonable. I was charged for not cleaning the stove and the balance of my deposit was refunded with no charges for normal wear and tear. When I called Cathy to see how the inspection went, she told me I had been charged for the stove and that there were pictures in my file. I did not object to the charge because I know I didn't clean the stove. Since she takes pictures when she inspects apartments, I'm sure she can provide proof when she charges people for cleaning. I took care of my apartment while I lived there and felt responsible for it's upkeep. I think some renters are not accepting responsibility for there own actions. Of course, this seems to be the norm with a lot of people these days.<br><br>After the hurricanes last year, Briar Creek was cleaned up almost immediately and I witnessed the staff (some even from the office) out there pitching in with the landscapers to get it done. Some of my friends live at other apartments in town and they had debris on their properties for long after Briar Creek was cleaned up.<br><br>I lived in New York before moving to Orlando. If these other people who have written to you want to know what it's like <br>to deal with little or no maintenance and rude managers, they should try living there.<br>Those previous letters sound like a lot of sour grapes from people who expect to be treated with kid gloves.<br><br>Briar Creek is not a new property so don't expect everything to be new when you move in. They do, however, take care of things in a reasonable amount of time when you have a problem.
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Regency Gardens

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