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Royal Bay



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
The people who run this complex also own several other rental properties around Orlando and they are SLUMLORDS. Something catastrophic always breaks in our home on a monthly basis and you have to call them ten or more times to get someone to fix it. When you actually DO get in touch with them they say something to the effect of "This is the first we have heard of this issue from you". Really? I'm pretty sure you're just rude and lazy and don't care about your tenants aside from their rent checks. Do your job and create work orders or at least a memo so you quit forgetting. The repair people never show up when they say they will and are incredibly rude and speak no English. I'm certain Nelly just hires illegals off the streets who aren't even licensed to be making repairs and it takes them two times or more to get anything finished. The repair workers come in my home and point and laugh at the things we have and make snide comments in Spanish (we do speak some and can understand). I won't go on about all the problems, but I can promise you'll have better luck living ANYWHERE else besides here with all the half assed repairs, shoddy workmanship and RACIST staff!! *Update* Our ceiling is still a ------- wreck. It's pouring rain outside and it's worse than ever. The funniest part is that a "roofer" stopped by yesterday to fix it. This is probably the sixth or seventh time it's been "repaired" only after getting a call back on it a month later. Of course, no English is spoken, only Spanish. Maybe the roofer will bring is barefoot seven year old son up on the roof again this time. Seriously, if you rent from these people you'll hate your life for the entire duration of your lease and will probably contemplate suicide.
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Royal Bay

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