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The Club at Millenia

5826 PGA Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32839



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/29/2005
We should have run screaming from the first call I got with them telling me that the apartment they had told me was ready would not be ready. This went on 5 times (them saying something happen and our apartment would be something diffrent) before they moved us in to the WRONG apartment floor plan. We needed a place to live, so we lived in that space for all of three weeks (and it would come back to haunt us 6 months later.)Pretty interesting that we had the managers apartment since they had screwed up so bad and we threaten to turn them in to the BBB all of a sudden the manager was moving out so we could have the place we wanted. Well we should have stayed in the smaller apartment. We walked in to the place and were knocked over by the smell of animals. We called them right away and told them they needed to get over here and clean the carpets of course they claim they had. Even though it smelled like something died. <br>The first night we go to use the sink in the kitchen and a major water leak sprung flooding the kitchen floor. It took them two days to get over there and so something about it. The same night we were greeted by the sounds of our neighbors playing there music at 3am. Which went on for about 4 months until we had to call the cops enough times they got evicted. <br>Then we had our mail box broken in to for the first time. It has happen 5 times and we told management about it every time. In the end I had to fix the mail box before calling the Postmaster to get anything done about it. I had some one steal my personal information and use it to try an get a loan yet the apartment manager seemed to give a crap. <br>The ROACHES and the palmetto bugs and the waterbugs. My God! Why bother saying you include pest control when I have to go out and buy roach traps. And the Spiders on our patio. We don't even feel safe sitting out there anymore. <br>The construction that went on when we first moved in was a hassle. banging at 7 am. And I got two flat tired from the sloppy construction workeds leaving nails all over. I collected about 20 in the parking lot and took them with me to get my money back from the complex for getting my tires fixed. They said it wasnt there problem. <br>Just when we thought things were settling down we get a new neighbor that loved to play his music so loud I could hear it as if it was playing in the room I was in. we call the office and got hung up on three times and had to call the police twice still nothing done. The police said it was the conplex that had to take care of it well we knew that wasnt going to happen so we went over to the apartment and it took us screaming at him to stop playing it so loud. <br>Now back to that first apartment. I get a call at my office and they are asking me when I am moving out. I am freaked out since my lease isnt up until Dec. She goes on to say yes you told us you would be on July 5th and its the 8th. I'm aurguing with her that I never gave notice. She went back and some how MY NAME was still on the lease to the first place they moved us in to and it was that apartment that was moving out! <br><br>So you can see I could go on and on and there was so much more I have documented just in case. I am still considering turning them in to the BBB. I am just so glad I am moving in a few weeks. <br>Do your self a favor and stay away from here. Do not let them suck you in. You will not use the pool or the little bar and grill. They want 50 bucks for the gym just so you can have a key. Its not a safe area and if you want a goot night sleep get a top floor corner apartment so you cant hear your neighbors. What a nightmare this place has been. <br>
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The Club at Millenia

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