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The Lofts

1805 Loftway Circle

Orlando, FL 32817

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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
Jefferson Lofts was by far the worst place I have ever had the unfortunate experience of living. (I am an alumni of UCF, four years of college life). <br><br>If you are remotely serious about school, work, or sleep I don't suggest in any way, shape or form that you consider J.L. <br><br>I can't count the times I had fire alarms, fire works, parties, fights, and/or car accidents disrupting my sleep. Also, dogs arent allowed in the complex, but some how everyone has them. This wouldn't be a problem, but considering most of the people that live here can't pick up their own trash, they really aren't going to think twice about their dog dropping a load right in front of your walk way. Many of the students buy pit bulls, don't have them on leashes...After the near attack while I was tanning outside of my door, I chose to visit my local army surplus store and purchase some pepper spray.<br><br>There is trash in abundance everywhere. I had a "pond" outside of my door, but it was more like a waste deposit. People would throw all kinds of goodies in there for the poor maintenence people to clean up. (computers, buckets, beer cans and bottles, brooms, furniture), you get the picture. <br><br>If you think your student is going to be safe you might want to reconsider sending her/him here. <br><br>Oh yeah, I am really shocked that there werent any traffic fatalities. People literally drive 40-50 mph in the parking lot, speed bumps mean nothing. <br>We also had bugs and leaking after the hurricanes.<br><br>Always make sure you account for all your bills, electric, rent etc. or you may as well bend over and grab your ankles. No one up in the office has a clue on how to "manage" an apartment complex.
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The Lofts

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