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The Pointe at Central



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MightyQuinn • Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
I've lived in Pegasus Pointe for my whole undergraduate career and now for my first graduate year, and the only reason why I'm staying is because if you renew your lease, your monthy payments don't increase. However, our "electricity cap" has decreased in $10 increments each year. Meaning: they pay less and less, and you are responsible for paying more.<br><br>Also, parking is extremely bad. If you work past 8 PM, especially on weeknights, good luck finding a parking spot next to your building. I'd say the average distance you have to park is 3 buildings away from your apartment, which isn't TOO bad, but it's definitely not convenient. Especially when you've just gotten done grocery shopping.<br><br>Another thing, there are many parties (which usually get broken up by the cops since this is UCF affiliated housing), and since the walls are paper thin, you won't get much sleep.<br><br>The smaller pool sparingly gets cleaned, and although there is a "no alcohol near pool area" rule, there have been several times I've stepped on little pieces of glass (from broken beer bottles).<br><br>There really isn't much of a fitness room; 3 machines haven't worked for a few years now, and there are only 7 pieces of equipment in the room. However, the UCF Wellness Center is a mile away.<br><br>If you're a partier, I don't recommend living here, since the cops watch this place like hawks. If you're a dedicated studier, I don't recommend living here, because you'll get stressed out with the noise level. However, if you've got the money for rent who can learn to block out unwanted noise and if you like to party quietly with a few friends instead of 100 people, this is the perfect place for you. <br>
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The Pointe at Central

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