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erickadw12 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
I've been living here at Pegasus Connection for 6 months now on a sublease. If I'd been warned of how awful things are here, I'd optioned for alternate sublease elsewhere. Before I state the negatives, I will try to attempt stating some positives.<br><br>Positives: The UCF shuttle bus comes every 10-15 to take you to campus free of charge. The complex site is located in a convient location (shopping plazas just a mile or two up the street well within walking distance). I can't think of anything else right now. The guys (cute and sexy!) makes good use of the basketball court. Yum! Yum!<br><br>Negatives: The apartment I live in is roach infested and I here it's the norm for most of the apartments. The office team is very young and disorganized especially with paper work. The amenities that they have listed, most of them are a fluke - e.g. all the equipment in the gym does not work and/or needs repair, the computers have missing parts (mouse, keyboards) which could've possibly been stolen. The keys they gave me to the entertainment room does not work, which is why they front office keeps the door unlocked at all times. Anyone not a tenant can go inside this room and run a muck. Speaking of running a muck, the neighbors are especially loud (and I mean loud). So far, I've filed 3 noise complaints at the main office, all which have been taken lightly. The front office team actualy said that tenants are allowed to create as much loud noise as they want during the hours of 8am-10pm. Even all day long if they like, which I think is a load of BS, because the apt. lease clearly states that loud noise is not allowed at anytime of the day. You can also hear the water pressure from the pipes when your neighbors take a shower or flush the toilet! The walls are extremely hollow that they serve to amplify loud sound making it 20x worse. There can be as many as 2-4 parties (truly! No lie!) going on at the same time every thurs-Sun. Now I heard that the office manager only posted rules on parties after the maintenance crew complained about the clean-up (But they ignored Residents complaints on the Noise and flith that comes during and after the parties). There's still trash left on the steps from a couple of parties that occured in my bldg a couple of months ago. Right now as I'm writing this entry the neighbor below me is blasting his music and has been for the past 3.5 hours (well before 8am). On of my neighbors were robbed recently, which is frightening to me. <br><br>Pegasus Connection should just place an advertising billboard saying,<br>"Noisy, Loud, Dirty, Deviant College Students with Criminal Backgrounds are Welcome to apply to live at one of our Roach Infested, Hollowed Walled Apartments! (Prices are Subject to change)" <br><br>It's like this all the time here no lie. The office team tries to over shadow most of the problems they know persist here at Pegasus Connection. The sadest part about all of this is that the office manager actually expects students (who are citizens with rights) to live under these conditions! I guess he don't care much about the residents living conditions when he goes home at night to his beautiful, clean, quiet, peaceful home in Waterford Lakes and sleep in his soft cozy bed that does not vibrate to the sound of his neighbors music.
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