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University Apartments



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godknows • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
1st of all: if you go there & find the carpet looks dirty <br>or old..then it probably got multipe sewage overflows..& the smell is <br>going to appear gradually as you live there, even if they try to 'renew' the look of the complex the sewer problem is too deep to be fied. the complex has a policy of <br>letting the sewage flow till it fell the whole apartmnet & ruin <br>furniture, ours was literally soaked in sewage, & we had to wear bags on our <br>feet to get to our stuff.<br><br> that was last year,the <br>sewage overflow multiple time, the management acted so <br>unprofessional, in fact tried to hit a tenant from the back, any way as we are <br>students in U.C.F we were able to use U.C.F lawyer services for free, they <br>were really nice & good, we refused to settle for $2000, partially to <br>teach the management a lesson.. <br>.<br><br> if you get trouble in the apartment call "code enforcement" <br>you might need to call multipe times in the begining but once they get <br>on your case they are really understandig & helpful.<br><br> all in <br>all you should not pay rent for the apartment if the terms are not met <br>form the management, for example: sewage overflow (pretty cmmon there), <br>insects of every kind roam around no matter how much you clean..they <br>just come from the walls! lizards too. try to avoid stoping to pay the <br>rent on your own, get "the code enforcement" on your case, & if you are a <br>student in U.C.F then you can get an attorney for free & remember the <br>lawyers for U.C.F deal with tenants problems all the time so trust <br>them.<br><br>the most funny thing: a worker there was helping the management <br>giving us hard time after we reported the complex to code <br>enforcemnet..well, the worker got cheated out of his pay AND his job by the management, <br>& he tried to get help info from our neighbor ..who knew all <br>about our trouble.
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University Apartments

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