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Valencia Trace



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
In the beginning it was alright. But months later that's when everything went downhill. Management was stealinng funds. That apartment complex went through mangement and staff like it was drinling water. Every time you went to the office it was new faces every single time. Changed prices too much. For instants to get washer and dryer it's like $35, if they haven't went up, so I brought my own washer and dryer so I wouldn't have to pay extra each month for theirs. Some months down the line new managment and staff came and they did a walk in every apartment to see who had what. when they found out I had my own washer and dryer they charged me $25! Get real. So I had to pay for my own washer and dryer. And to remind you they never told me that in the beginning! They are real money hungry. Charge for this and that. It's just crazy. They also don't have their own laundry facilty! Not worth your time! You can rent a house for that much. Also the rent has gone up since I left and the cable! Way too much money
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Valencia Trace

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