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Villa Valencia



Resident · 2012 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Lived there 2012-2013.ll start with the good. Beautiful Apartment and large balcony. Now the Ugly: Upon first moving in, aside from the massive construction going on on the road behind the complex that woke us up every morning, about 2 days after we realized the fridge was leaking large amounts of water on to the floor. They came and "fixed it" but it kept leaking so we put in another work order. It took us 4 tries before anyone ever came back to us about the fridge until they eventually ended up getting us a new one (i was not expecting that). Next the gym had a piece of old gum on it for weeks that the cleaning crew did not remove until 2 weeks after I told them about it . Gross! Also everyone including one of the workers in the office who also lived in the same building I did thought my sister and I knew the tenants living in the apartment below us making the most noise in the neighborhood. Are we still living in a society where all brown people who live in the same apartment complex know each other and are loud? Racist much?Side note: I tried to help this older woman up the stairs with her groceries who lived next door to us...she also thought that we were the ones making all of the noise with loud music and inappropriate language at all hours of the night. Needless to say she didn't want my help as she turned her nose up to me. Im an Opera Singer if I was making noise then she would have been graced by my classical presence. The main office person's favorite line is "ask corporate". Its like she never knew the answers to questions about her own property. She was very annoying and unhelpful.The people working in the office did not have much info on the place. P.S. don't hand in your check a second late because you will be charged the most absurd amount of a late charge ever! THe Biggest screw up!!!! They did not realize their drop box had been tampered with and because of that they and us tenants were robbed..our rent check and money orders were stolen. We had to then get proof that we handed it in on time but that did not matter in my case because my check was actually forged and cashed by the thieves. Do you think they wanted to let my rent slide for that month?... no way jose.. it wasn't enough that i helped catch the perp by doing a little investigative work on my own ... nope they said we owed them all the money and then some at the end of our move out statement which by the way we moved out a month early to get the hell out of there. Also corporate is rude and they don't care about your life so good luck with this property. Rant not over but i'll finish for now.....
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Villa Valencia

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