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Villa Valencia



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
Villa Valencia Apartments is an OKAY apartment complex that is rapidly going down hill. The interior of the apartments are really nice. You have wood or carpeted floors, high ceilings, spacious bathrooms and an overall nice feel to the interior. That being said, a lot of things in the apartment are flimsy and seem to break often. The lock on the sliding door, the handle to the front door gets stuck, the blinds on the sliding door just fall off, the handles on the sink are not attached, the wood frames on the sink fall off, the closet doors come off their hinges, their are tiny holes in the floor from the previous owner, including huge stains on the counters from previous owners, and so forth. Honestly the interior is very nice, things just break to often though. Parking can be a nightmare. Depending on what building you live in, you may or may not get a parking spot near you building. There are a lack of parking spots near some buildings. And some of our fellow residents love to park on or over the lines (sometimes in the middle of the line!) so that you can't take that moderately close spot to your building, you have to keep searching. You cannot pay for a certain parking spot either like you can in other apartments. Noise. You can hear everything!! When I mean everything, I mean everything. You hear your neighbors walk (even if they walk softly), talk, yell, music, toilet flush and anything else you could possibly hear. I moved in a few years ago and I had a recurring issue from week 1. My neighbors above me had loud screaming matches and at night they played music until 1 a.m. occasionally. After a while I threw in the towel of trying to ride it out, I called and politely complained about the noise they were making. The office said they would let them know. Hoping things would get better, the next night the same thing happened. I called the office again and they informed me that they cannot leave a notice, letter, or anything to my neighbor stating that they are loud because they are renting from a third party. Villa Valencia used to be condos before they were apartments. A company bought some of these buildings and lets Villa Valencia rent them out. Therefore Villa Valencia said they could not let my neighbor know their music or screaming matches were too loud because they were renting from someone else. I was livid, They charge quite a little bit to live here, 1165 for a 2 bedroom, and you are telling me you can't ask your residents to turn down their music? But trust me, Villa Valencia enforces their rules upon everyone when they want something done, it is only when it benefits them, not when it will help their other residents out. And our fellow residents love to drive through in all hours of the night blaring their music from their cars, yep you can hear that too, every lyric. Villa Valencia does not care though, they basically say oh well, what can we do. Noise is by far the worst hear, their are many residents who love to blare their music all over. Amenities: Pool, 1 small grill, tiny dog park, and a small gym. Thats it. The pool is always clean, and blue, even though our residents litter around the pool often. The gym is small and has basic training machines, but I like it. Never been to the dog park, but you do not have to go there to enjoy your residents dogs because their dogs leave gifts for you everywhere! There is so much dog crap all over our sidewalks that it is so hard to not look down when you are walking. It is literally everywhere. Villa Valencia does have disposers to dispose of their dogs mess but the residents don't care, and neither does Villa Valencia apparently. Safety: I feel safe here. I am concerned a lot of times though. I see the police here often enough to make me concerned. I woke up one night to people screaming they were going to kill each other outside and four police cars shortly showed up. Helicopters over our heads often, this area is not the greatest. With as much money as Villa Valencia charges, they should hire a night guard. If we had a night guard to control the loud music from cars and resident buildings and ensure safety around the complex then I would feel great. Staff: A lot of the staff here are very nice. I wish I could say helpful, but when I asked for a solution to some of these problems there was not much help there. But again, they have always been very polite and nice to me. Overall Villa Valencia looks very appealing from the outside and inside. However the noise, security, faulty components, and lack of help really makes me worry about this place.
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Villa Valencia

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