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Villages on Millenia Boulevard



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
You know, when you think of low income housing, you think "lower class, hard working folks", right? Well, not true here. This place is trash. It LOOKS GOOD, but have you ever heard the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover"? :)<br><br>This place is basically part of Mexico. You hear people yelling in Spanish at 3am across the parking lot. There are black and -------- gangs fighting all the time near the pool at night. Loud Spanish music is played all the time in the parking lot.<br><br>It is NOT SAFE!! We come down to the car in the early morning (leaving around 6am) and we always see some drunk person in the bulding across the street. We often see vagrants roaming the parking lot. I have had to call the police several times because neighbors were slamming doors, fighting, yelling all hours of the night. Neighbors all seem violent, bloodshot-eyed, always wearing "wife beaters" (white tank tops and loose jeans long shorts). It makes you feel like you live in Bronx, NY.<br><br>The area is crap and people buy/sell drugs on Oakridge road right down the sreet. I have seen peopel take a bunch of boxes from their cars to an apt late at night. Suspicious to say the least.<br><br>This is nothing more than a glorified ------. If you do not like black or Spanish people, do not move here because that is who lives here. <br><br>But the races of residents is not the problem! It is their attitudes, their angry/violent deameanor. People are rude, this place really sucks.<br><br>Only live here if you absolutely HAVE TO!
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Villages on Millenia Boulevard

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