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Wisper Palms Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
After living in Wisper Palms for over a year, I can verify many of the comments here are true. In additional to several management transitions, the overall quality of service is the worst I've ever exerienced in my rental history. This is especially ironic, since the rental rates are so incredibly expensive. Rather than offer a rental recommendation, below I present my 10 greatest frustrations with the community:<br><br>1. On-site management is inept and unable to resolve the most basic problems without feedback from the owners, who can only be reached by certified mail. Have you ever visited a modern rental community where there wasn't a single computer in the leasing office?<br><br>2. Maintenance requests are repeatedly ignored. When repairs do occur, they usually necessitate subsequent visits for additional repairs.<br><br>3. Noise is a serious problem, because the walls are paper-thin and units are poorly oriented internally (e.g., bedrooms directly abut living rooms of neighboring apartments).<br><br>4. Cellular phone service is non-existent within buildings; there must be lead in the building materials, because phone signals of all the major carriers can't seem to penetrate the walls.<br><br>5. The lease is written a manner to require a 30-day notice of intent to vacate, even if it's set to expire, which automatically evokes a month-to-month tenancy clause.<br><br>6. The security entrance gate is frequently broken. Upon moving into the apartment, I was given a gate remote that malfunctioned. Repeated visits to the office for a replacement yielded no results, as I was accused of damaging the remote (when it fact it never functioned). Only after threats to hire legal counsel and terminate my lease for basic denial of access to my apartment (a violation of Florida Statutes) was the problem finally resolved.<br><br>7. Additional unspecified fees apply at the end of the lease, such as excessive carpet cleaning fees. After providing my 30-day notice, I was told that I had to purchase a specific brand of paint to touch-up any worn areas to avoid being charged for damages. Whatever happened to normal wear and tear? Upon visiting the paint store (the only location in the Orlando area where the specific brand of paint can be acquired), I was compeled to purchase a whole gallon, rather than the smaller can I needed. This frustration alone added insult to injury and inconvenience.<br><br>8. There are no car washing facilities on the property. For the premium rents, you'd think the least the community could provide is a hose connection with a single space in which to wash a car. Attempts to connect a hose from inside the apartment are met by threats from security.<br><br>9. Speaking of security, the company that patrols the property is more of a nuisance than a protector. In addition to frequent harrassment ranging from use of the fitness center to parking with the back of a car facing a garage door, these guys are anything BUT courteous patrol officers.<br><br>10. Lastly, the bug and reptile problem is among the worst I've seen, which leads me to believe the apartments have never been visited by an exterminator.<br><br>In sum, the only good thing I can report about this community are the reduced electric bills resulting from what I presume to be well-insulated buildings. My average utility bill for a 2-bedroom apartment was $40 to 45 per month, even at the height of summer. Rarely, was I forced to use either the heat or AC, which was but one positive aspect of my rental history here. With this information, along with other reviews, any rental prospect should be able to make an informed decision.
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Wisper Palms Apartments

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