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Alafaya Woods Apartments



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UCFSteph • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I have lived in an Alafaya Woods Apartment for the last year. <br><br>Jose and Chip in the front office are AWESOME.<br> <br>In my experience, if you politely explain your problem to Jose, he will input your service request promptly, and even though the guy who comes to fix your problem has ZERO personality, he gets there the same day and doesn't leave until the job's done. VERY thorough. My advice to people who live in any apt: Be pleasant to front office people- It makes no difference to them if you have a problem or not, so dont harass them and give them a reason to make you go without.<br><br>On that note, however, I call Jose and request mantainence quite often. List of Problems all revolve around that fact that these apartments are older than dirt- Electric bill is very high b/c windows are old and poorly insulated. Living Room is always freezing- master bedroom always hot-<br><br>Water is gross,...do not drink it- It comes out of the faucet in funny colors.... <br><br>I have a renovated model,....bathrooms and kitchen have nice applicance and counter tops- new and very nice blinds- but carpet is old and cheap. Walls are paper thin- I hear my neighbors fighting, partying, doing it, dog's barking..etc. Windows also contribute to the noise -you can't even open them- unless you're super swoll. <br><br>I'd like to say you get what you pay for- but you really dont- these apartments cost just as much as any "luxury" apt in the area but they're super old and even the renovated models aren't worth the cost. Esp. since bills aren't included.<br><br>I am not bashing Alafaya Woods Apts.- I think the staff is friendly and I have absolutely no complaints about my neighbors. But you get little bang for your buck.<br><br>Not for Students- more for families.
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Alafaya Woods Apartments

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