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praxisesque • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
Ultimately, it's all up to what gets on your last nerve, and what you can live with. I was personally recommended Northgate Lakes from a friend, and I am happy with my decision to follow her advice and sign a lease here.<br><br>I have been living at a 4/4 since last August, and so far, any problems seem very minor. Here is a list of my pros and cons for the place. Just determine what you can and cannot live with.<br><br><br>First, the CONS:<br>* The noise. I live in the back of the complex, and do not have many instances where noise is a major factor. However, occasionally, someone may blast their music, causing the bass to shake the floors a bit, or someone will shoot off a firework or two at 2 in the morning. Maybe other buildings within the complex are noisier. Though you have to realize that this is a common issue amongst apartment complexes. I invested in a noise machine to drown out a number of the noises when I sleep.<br>* The carpeting. Even upon moving in, the carpet was pretty filthy, and there is a spot in my bedroom where the carpet is actually wearing out. Still, I make do, and just try to clean it the best I can, and hope that they will replace it soon. Though this issue isn't enough to make me move.<br>* Only one mailbox key. Seems kind of silly. My three other roomies and I share a mailbox... and have to share the same key. If the person that's holding the key is away on vacation (say, was the first to leave during Winter Break), and you are expecting something important in the mail? Well, crap... you're screwed! Well.....not exactly. I ended up talking to the staff, and they gave me a mailbox key for $5, treating it like a lost key. Sure, you would think you shouldn't even have to BUY a mailbox key, but I really didn't mind too much... it was worth the five bucks to know I could get my mail whenever I needed to.<br>* Bugs. This is a common issue in apartments, especially if your roommates or neighbors don't like to clean up on a regular basis. However, I have only witnessed a roach once - last night, and immediately set out baits. Perhaps my ample use of bug spray kept things under control up until now (I can't use bug spray anymore because my roomie has asthma). Just try to do your best to prevent attracting the critters, and odds are, it shouldn't be much of a problem.<br>* Inadequete desk. I remember going to a furnished apartment complex and they had desks with hutches. Since the desk is the key most important items I need in my room (my major, as well as classes in general will require a well-organized desk), I was very disappointed to find this simple desk with a mere two cubby shelves on one side (no hutch). BUT I found a way around it! I purchased my own desk, which fits in my room with everything else, and am using the provided desk as a TV stand.<br><br><br>Okay, now let's move on to the PROS:<br>* Spacious rooms. I hated the thought of having to "downgrade" my room.. meaning going with anything smaller than what I had back home. I have a lot of stuff, and especially if I needed to bring my own desk... but I feel quite comfortable in the rooms here. The mirrors on the closet sliding doors help create the illusion of a bigger space as well. I'm very content with my room.<br>* The Vanity in the bathroom. I was surprised to find some complexes don't offer much in the way of storage in the bathrooms. At Northgate, you get the cabinet under the sink, two drawers, and the vanity extends to the wall with a cut out that fits my hamper perfectly. Now, I'm not one who uses a LOT of hair products and such, but what's provided is suffient for me.<br>* Amenities. Northgate has a theater room, with a large screen which you can rent out for the day. Also, there's a computer lab, two pools, and two workout rooms. There are constantly parties and get-togethers hosted by the apartment complex to give everyone an opporunity to hang out and meet fellow neighbors.<br>* Super friendly staff!!!! Doesn't matter if it's the office staff, or the maintainence crew. Everyone is super nice. Of course, you have to BE respectful and friendly, to receive respect and a friendly attitude from whomever you're speaking to. I just renewed my lease last Thursday, and the girl working there was extremely friendly and helpful. She kept apologizing if she was hanging over my shoulder too much, because she hates it when people do that to her, so she walked away. She informed me of any changes in the lease, and gladly welcomed any questions I had. And believe me, I had MANY. But everytime I said, "Oh! One more thing..." She never once seemed bothered or gave the vibe that I was inconveniencing her in any way. It's very important if you can feel comfortable going to the office about any concerns or questions. While the other staff there have been just as helpful and friendly, she definitely stood out. Kudos to her!<br>* Few internet outages. I've only had a problem with no internet access twice here. And that was back in August/September... whenever the EXTREMELY bad thunderstorms hit our area. Internet was out a couple of days, but my roommate was still out for a day or more after that. She had contacted someone about it, and while she wasn't home when he came by, I was, and the Techie guy thoroughly explained everything to me so I could let her know what the problem was and what he recommended she do abou it (her ethernet port was fried... nothing due to the fault of Northgate).<br>* Shuttle service. I don't even bother with a parking pass for UCF. Too expensive. Especially when I have the free shuttle service. It runs during the week from 7AM to 10PM, and a shuttle arrives about every 20 minutes. The shuttle picks up students from Northgate Lakes, as well as Tivoli, however Northgate is the first to be picked up, and the first to be dropped off, so rarely is there an issue for finding a seat (usually is the Tivoli students who are stuck standing up..if ANYONE has too).<br>* LOCATION. You can't beat the location. I LOATHE Alafaya. With a passion. The traffic is horrendous. Northgate Lakes is located on E McColluch Rd, which is off of Alafaya. If I drove to campus, I could avoid that road altogether. In addition, just up the streeet is a Wal*Mart grocery, Publix, Wachovia Bank, Blockbuster, and other small shops you may need. All without having to worry about Alafaya. However, many people like going to Waterford Lakes.. love the variety of shops, but again: traffic. At the light of McColluch and Alafaya, I just make a right, and head to the Oviedo Marketplace (mall) where there are shops, a movie theater, as well as TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, and numerous other stores. Nothing compares to the selection at Waterford, but it's nice to know that there's another option not too far away... and you can still avoid most of that traffic on alafaya that's around campus (Alafaya towards Red Bug Lake/Mitchell Hammock is VERY tolerable in comparison).<br><br>That's all I can think of at the moment. The issues here at Northgate Lakes have been easy enough for me to fix, or at least live with. But everyone is different, so hopefully my review helped you determine what you're looking for the most in an apartment, and whether Northgate Lakes provides it for you or not.
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