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Northgate Lakes Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
You people are crazy. First of all, northgate has one of the highest caps for electricity in the area. If you go over all the time, it's YOUR fault!<br><br>The rooms are small in the 4/2s, but you know that before you sign!!! Pay a little more and get yourself a bigger room like the 3/3!<br><br>You all are obviously a bunch a whining babies who will complain about everything. Maybe you're too spoiled and this is the first place you have ever lived away from your 10 bedroom mansion in south Florida... who knows!<br><br>All I know is that Northgate is by far superior to all the other places in the area, AND their rates are the lowest, AND they have the best office staff in the world who are super friendly and helpful.<br><br>Now if you go in there with an attitude and yell at them, I HOPE they aren't very nice back. They are college students too, ya know. They don't get paid enough to take your crap.<br><br>About visitor parking---are you too lazy to walk up 2 whole buildings to get to the front?! My goodness!<br><br>Be thankful there are not REAL problems like the guns and rapes that have been happening everywhere else.<br><br>As an end note-the management is actually pretty darn awesome. If you go in there and show some respect, you will get a looooot further with them!
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Northgate Lakes Apartments

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