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Residences at Legacy Place



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Office Staff
sunnired • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
Well, we spent about $6000 moving here from Northern Virginia/DC area back in May. Since we didn't know anyone, they saw us coming BIG TIME. Apparently, everyone but us knew it was going condo, and the office never said a word until about a week after we signed our lease. We called Beztak and were told Florida law does not require them to tell us-not a good reflection of the state in my mind. <br>Then, things started breaking-the AC, for one, which still has not been fixed, by the way- even though Angel told me she personally supervised the job, I called her out on it since the gaping hole where the piece goes is pretty obvious. That was fun. Then, the health department had to close the pool because they weren't putting chemicals in it. Of course, we had complained weeks earlier and were told by Angel that Loius, the maintenance guy, said it looked clean to him. Then we figured out why our dishwasher sucked at cleaning dishes-the downstairs sinks had no hot water run correctly....The hot was to the cold and the cold was to the hot side, so we had been washing our dishes in cold water. <br>Now, they want $425K for this "luxury" heap and we have our washer and dryer hookups in the garage! Do you know how much it stinks to do laundry in a 100 degree garage? Trust me. <br>There are ants under our carpets, crawling up the walls, all over my kitchen and garage and they show up with a bottle of Hot Shot- I kid you not. Now that is luxury, honey, let me tell you. <br>Of course, even funnier is the fact I can hear my neighbors fart and other various bodily functions...and when you set the "sophisticated" alarm system, it beeps so loudly, for so long, everyone in your entire building hears it. We have actually had complaints about it and one poor guy in our building had to tape over his speaker. The office told him the systems don't have any volume/time options on the beeping. <br>We still do not have a screen door for our patio doors, our key to the garage door didn't work the day we moved in, the garbage disposal was put in incorrectly and has never worked since we've lived here and the bars were broken on the back side of the garage door so it was unlockable. Our front door deadbolt doesn't line up and our pantry door was "fixed" by Loius, the "maintenance supervisor" and he fixed it WRONG! It doesn't even shut now. Instead of moving both plates so the magnets would line up, he took the plate that fell out of the wall and move it forward-now the door, when "shut" sticks out an inch....and that's the work of the "Maintenance Supervisor". <br>The two grills (for the entire complex) work about 50% of the time, the bench press machine in the gym has been broken for months and the showers outside are always on the fritz. I could go on, but I would be here for hours. I think this is a good start, though, to the many issues this complex has.
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