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Residences at Legacy Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
Here is my take on this place. I have nothing to lose at this point. We are moving in two weeks. They are asking over $400,000 for my luxury apartment. LOL!!!! IT IS A BIG FAT NOTHING DISGUSTING BUG INFESTED APARTMENT. THAT'S IT. If anyone has a lick of sense they would drive away laughing. Nothing works correctly. There is going to be a Chili's in my bedroom. There isn't a damn worth of security here. The front office people are useless - just there to take up a seat. The whole of Legacy Place is dirty and grungy. There are not enough parking spots. The appliances are bottom of the line - not top of the line. The screens on the windows fell off a long time ago. The water smells coming out of the tap. The toilet flushes upwards not downwards. UGH. UGH. UGH. There seems to be no soundproofing between apartments whatsoever. I can hear my neighbor coughing at night. When it rains at a certain angle, it comes right through the windows and my carpet gets wet. Dogs bark constantly. I gave up my garage because I could never back my car out of it due to some jerk's thinking that my garage was his parking spot. The amenities have sunk to a new low. The pool is not up to health codes I am sure. The machines in the gym are mostly broken. The barbecues always seem to be broken. People from the neighborhood use the pool and gym as if they lived here and paid rent. I can't use a bike because a guy living a couple blocks down is using it. I have little round bugs all under my carpet and creeping out from under it. My smoke alarms (even after changing batteries) keep making sounds. The bathtub grouting has turned black. The neighbors have no hesitation about throwing parties until the wee hours of the morning disturbing their fellow neighbors. My newspaper keeps getting stolen. Shall I go on? I cannot tell you how I look forward to moving. And if what I read about not receiving my deposit back is true, I will be contacting a lawyer. First they invited me with open arms to come live here. I did so. I was thoroughly disillusioned with the place after a month or two but I had a lease. I was never late on my rent. I kept my apartment in tip top shape. Anything that is wrong was their fault not mine. Now they decided that they want to sell it out from underneath of me. I hope they get their asking price for my apartment but judging from the looks of the Rental Section in the Palm Beach Post there seems to be a plethera of empty condominiums around here. People scooped them up and now they are stuck with empty condos. I can attest to the fact that mine will stay empty. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PAY THIS KIND OF MONEY FOR THIS CRAPPY APARTMENT? I too will be leaving this area. I have been outpriced in this horrific real estate market here. Keep your beautiful luxury condos. How frigging funny.
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