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San Matera The Gardens



Resident · 2011 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
People have urinated in the stairwell..you can hear neighbors..This is a terrible dirty community to live in. They slap frivilous violations on people in attempts to collect money. Be careful if you receive one violation for not bringing the trash can in on time. They charged us $100 because we brought it in 30 minutes late.....no matter what excuses you may have dont bother giving them one. They are also threatening another fine now because a trash bag fell off of my container. The valet trash service forgets to pick up trash and then they fine the residents for keeping the trash outside of their home. They will also go above and beyond to take pictures of your patio no matter how secluded it may be. No trash cans may be kept out there even if its not seen by anyone. There are kids who have urinated under the stairwell and it smelled awful for weeks. No one bothered to hose it down. There are a group of teens who are constantly outside shirtless smoking pot which I have smelled. If you have a driveway and garage do not park over the sidewalk they will try to fine you.You are not alloud to wash your cars, there is no available water source that the HOA will allow anyone to use.There are teenagers who drive recklessly through the community where my son plays outside. They will blast their rediculous car radios where the bass makes my windows shake. Be careful if you are not on the third floor because you can hear everything above you and sometimes around you. Not everyone picks up after their pets and I have stepped in dog poo walking to my car. The pool is also unheated and is only warm enough to swim in for about 4 months of the year unless you're a member of the polar bear club. Just because its Florida does not mean pools dont get cold! I attempted to go into the steam room and there was 5 kids in there legs spralled all over the benches so no one could get it. The key to the clubhouse pool/gym randomly stopped working and I had to wait until a weekday to have them fix it. Every year you live here they charge you for a new decal, and its more expensive if you buy a new car. I hope you are not handicapped either because the handicapped spots are further away from my home than the public spots. All spots are first come first serve. We just had people hammering on our roof for weeks straight and the association never notified us EXACTLY when this would be going on. I could not put my son down for a nap unless I brought him to his grandmothers every day. Why would a community so brand new need new roofs anyways? You can see the wonderful construstion put into this community!!! My downstairs has mold above the bathtub from pipes leaking into the ceiling. The HOA are also selective with the rules they enforce for certain people. If you live in an area with heavy traffic especially near the clubhouse or by the gate entrance you will receive constant violations. If they see you have already had one violation than they will ALWAYS look to get you with another in order to fine you. if you are renting be extra careful. Communities like this do not want renters and will look for any reason to push them out. They think rentewrs do not value the community as much as an owner would. They are blood thirsty for money. Ive seen at least 10 grills in the community which are strictly prohibited unless you live somwehere you can hide it good enough so they cant get a good picture of it.
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San Matera The Gardens

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