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Union Square



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I currently reside in this atrocious low maintenaince non family style dwelling.... let me remind you the number to call for the lush loving does not exist! This comes with a hint a of a distict smell of aged "vitage", built 1972, asbestos fumigating religiously, god save my family, throughout the ventilation systems, or lack there of rather indeed to sporatically spread the spores and mildew growth the "killz" spray paint undenyablby could not cover up. In fact, they turned on the a/c unit so the spray paint could fumigate throughout the entire luxurious roach infested tropical lush family dwelling, one bedroom pergatory.... actually, HELL, with ants that dont contribute to the rent nor the $1 a day trash, $75 dollar a month water bill, nor the 200 dollar a month special for the electric bill. the apartment causing hairloss, mass reproduction of mold spores and a contstantanious growth of mildew retroactive to before I moved in when the "state of the historic Art" and 3 pools, 2 I have not found yet, and 1 which consists of Piss and more ants layered with a lush tropical wildlife reserve of rats and other infestations, this is a place I call home. My life insurance policy should last me through my lease, unless the police who habitually patrol the neighborhood streets, discreetly hiding in open parking spaces, look for the unlicenced pharaceutical reps, perfect for your local crack head..... dealers... this is perfect for residing! do not stay to long, you dont want roaches crawling out of your medicinal unconventional methods of stress alleviation.... not so sexy. Also, be sure to ask katie, the account who cannot count, how much your rent is when they looose the check and you have all backdated proof. The 24 hour maintenence crew is amazing.... quick and expensive! call anytime! Also, this is a great place to reside for those who are suicidal or in the path to self destruction for this place will give you that kick on the chair when you tighten that ol' nuese! Also, South Florida's Finest live here. This si a great community! Please, move in now, There are many vacancies and the Yellow Pool is waiting for the relaxation of untraditional accupuntcure of antbites, and dont forget!!!! Local Drug Store on site! You dont even have to get in your car! if they dont tow it! Rapists & Pedifiles! MOVE IN SPECIALS AT THE FRONT! ask for ---------------! Low Deposit & free Airfilters, pre approved for MOLD!!!!!! Plenty of shaded ground and lack of management for all your cutom desires.
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Union Square

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