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Union Square



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
Some person keeps defending this place and after reading reviews, and I am never late on my rent, I got a mold test and BAM! I've been to the doctor 3 times since I moved in, not in two years prior. Mold!!!!!! Not just one type but multiple! Also, maintenance walked in on me in the shower bc they didnt think I was home, brought me to do some research, my friends boyfriend knows someone in maintenance and they robbed an apartment, then I see reviews about mold and poor girl is being harrassed. But I read more and so has everyone else! Be careful! You can respond and I'll give u my number and who to call for mold or whatever, my dad is an attorney here and we get enough people, which I have 10 so far, my name is Haley by the way, and settlements if you have any medical bills/ sickness post move in could be covered. Respond! Be careful though I feel that they will try go scare you or come after you or something corrupt as all other people wrote. Be careful
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Union Square

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