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Union Square



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
my old neighbor showed me his mold reports, certified, and the owner of the restaraunt nearby vouched as well! the standard or max mold spores per square unit are suppoesed to be at 250, it was at over 26,000!!!!! they had to move out. now he just called me and told me union square wants 12,000 in damages! im moving out asap, the mold inspector was allen tann, but it cost them like 400 dollars or something.... but worth it. the restaraunt owner, never a smoker coughed up black stuff after living there as a crash pad, close to be when running his restaraunt. the air outside was even polluted. when i get my test done, me and my wife and new baby are moving out ASAP! the old tenant and his wife were threatened and harasses horribly, i lived next to them. i felt so bad. it wasnt until today i saw this site and glad i can say something. it just sucks because the location is so close to our jobs and our daycare is right near by. my old neighbors always paid there rent early and had all their rent payment stubs signed because the office would claim to lose it.. but they always had proof and advised me to do the same and i WILL because i can see when we move, hopefully before the end of the year, i am working with a lawyer because i already know that they are going to try to charge "damages". I was there when they took the pictures of the place, cleaned and painted themslves by a third party camera before they moved out, and nothing was left how they didnt find it. I have been here for over a year because when i tried to move out before they were going to send all this stuff to credit when my lease was actually up! but now, my lawyer said with the mold test as soon as i get one like they did, we can move out until they fix the problem. problem is, the test showed even the air outside is at toxic levels. it can cause my son, not even a year old, to be brain damaged if we stay much longer. we have already been sick multiple times and are completely healthy. god bless and the best of luck to everyone else
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Union Square

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