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Union Square



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
Wow where do I begin, let's start with the leasing office since prospective tenants go there first. The girls in the office will act very friendly and tell you ANYTHING you want to hear to get you to sign a lease. Once that lease is signed however it all goes downhill from there. Once you have signed the lease it is very expensive and very hard to break it. Say your rent is $1000 they will tell you that the apartment normally rents for $1400 a month and you "save" $300 every month. They call the money you save a "concession". Now if you ever decide to move out there is a large fee PLUS the $300 you "save" every month has to be paid back, you do the math. Very few people end up breaking there lease and end up stuck here until the lease is up. They will also go so far as to tell you that they do upgrades here and some of your rent goes to upgrades for the apartment etc, WRONG. In my two years of living here the only thing to get "upgraded" was a missing tree out of one of the big pots out front of the apartments. There idea of "upgrades" is replacing a single tree, wow! Oh and speaking of trees they just posted signs all over the community asking people to pick up there dogs poop and place it in the receptacle. That's all fine and dandy and might work out if there was bags in the receptacles and more than three receptacles in the whole neighborhood. They have the nerve to tell people they "do not share any walls so you won't hear your neighbors". Now this may be true for some apartments BUT the walls are PAPER thin, you can hear EVERYTHING and when I say EVERYTHING I mean it! You can hear your neighbor taking a piss in the toilet and flushing it, taking a shower, even talking at a normal volume, closets and cabinets opening and closing, televisions, people having sex, YOU NAME IT YOU CAN HEAR IT THROUGH THE WALL AND THE FLOOR ALSO IF YOU ARE ON THE SECOND FLOOR. Also you can smell everything through the paper thin walls, every day I get to smell whatever nasty creation my neighbor has cooked up and the smell lingers in my master bedroom all night, not pleasant! Just about anybody can move in to Union Square it doesn't take much money and there background check is a joke. They are desperate for tenants so just about anyone can move in here including people with arrests for drugs. In the terrible two years I have lived here I have had at least 5 neighbors that were junkies and there is all kinds of drug use and drug activity in here. I do not feel safe living in here with all the crackheads and junkies I see walking around every day, it is ridiculous! Spend 5 or 10 minutes in the neighborhood and you will see what I mean! Union Square is so desperate for renters that they allow ANY dog ANY breed ANY size, yet on the top of every lease it says in giant letters, NO PETS ALLOWED. Now why would they make sure that is at the top of every lease if any pet is allowed? I have seen other reviewers say they got out of their lease by getting a certified mold test. I did not know about this until recently or I would have done the same thing and got the hell out of here! Please heed my warning and DO NOT move in to Union Square no matter what! There is plenty of comparable apartments in Palm Beach Gardens. Also keep in mind I have only gone over a couple of my complaints about this place there is many many many more!
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Union Square

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