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Redskinrex • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
Harbour Towne: Lies and shoddy workmanship abound!<br><br>Weve rented apartments all across the country and this place is, without doubt, the worst experience weve ever had and were not demanding. We lived in our last place 8 = years and when we left the owner was flatteringly sad to see us go because we were so cooperative and never complained! So for us to absolutely loathe the management after only a few weeks, you know something is amiss. <br><br>The Rosy Promises<br><br>We rented a three-bedroom apartment via phone because we had to move quickly due to a job change. Morgan, the woman we spoke with, assured us the apartment would be ready for move in by our arrival date--March 28th--a Monday. She also said wed have new fixtures and carpeting. With an A credit rating and a $200 check, I thought we were set. <br><br>Yeah right!<br><br>As agreed, we arrived on Monday, March 28th. Morgan greeted us and assured us our apartment would be ready by April 1st. Apparently feigning no knowledge of our initial agreement and her promises. Since we requested--and were promised to have it ready on the 28th we were furious! After a phone call or two she then told us it would be ready the next day; they just had to clean the carpets (not replace them as she initially promised.) and replace the fixtures. <br><br>Instead of setting up in our new digs, we had to pay extra to stay in a hotel. The next day we pack up and go back. Well guess what? It wasnt ready! It should be ready by the end of the day, Morgan assured us. So we returned to our hotel. A few hours later Morgan called and said we could move in but not later that day as promised, but at 2:00pm the next day! Apparently Morgan and Harbour Towne make no distinction between later today and tomorrow afternoon. Morgan, who by now has proven herself an absolute idiot, also said she could get some discounts or take care of our hotel costs (yet another lie).<br><br>The following day we check out of our hotel room and show up at our apartment at 1:45 p.m. (remember we were supposed to be able to move in at 2:00) and, of course, its not ready! Once again we spent another day in a hotel after being very specific as to our arrival date and given copious assurances it would be ready. <br><br>Incompetence, Ineptitude or just meanness?<br><br>The reason we couldnt get into the apartment at 2:00 on Wednesday is because thats the same time the carpet cleaners arrived. (Morgan told us they would begin cleaning the carpets at 10:00 a.m.) At that point I went to Morgan and asked why she told us wed have new carpets, when they were only going to be cleaned?<br>Her answer--I swear to God was, I dont know! (Yes! She actually admitted she didnt know why she told us what she did!)<br>This is the kind of management you can expect to deal with. Oh I forgot to mention that Morgan also drew up the wrong lease with the wrong rental price and wrong length of stay-- and if you believe the square footage quoted for these units, youre in for a rude awakening as well!<br><br>One tired and abused apartment <br><br>7 Despite the carpet cleaning two of the bedrooms still smelled of cat urine. <br>7 Many of the electrical receptacles would pull out of the walls when you remove a plug. <br>7 The kitchen counter is tile (one color on one side of the stove and a different color on the other side), but a third of the tiles are broken and sealed with white caulk so the cracks really stand out. Plus the caulk was wiped into the wood border, filling the wood grain with white caulk to make it look really cheap. <br>7 The fan in the master bathroom dropped out of the ceiling upon first use. <br>7 Despite cleanings with vinegar multiple times, the dishwasher still smells like a swamp.<br>7 Many of the light switches are wired so that the lights turn on when the switch is in the off position.<br>7 The door to our outdoor storage closet locks beautifully. Too bad it doesnt open with any of the keys they gave us. It only took them two different visits to get us the right key. <br>7 Many of the closet shelves/hangers are broken. <br>7 Theres only one drawer in the kitchen and its only 7 = wide. <br>7 Towel racks fall off the wall and the toilet paper holders are mounted so close to the toilets that you basically have to get off the pot to unroll the paper! <br>7 All in all the workmanship is awful and indicative of a management/ownership who just dont give a damn. <br><br>Bottom Line<br><br>We could easily live with the problems in the apartment had we not been lied to so often and so intentionally. This could be a nice place, but the ownership or management is not interested in keeping it up. I would rate this apartment as well below average at best, with terribly poor management and extremely over-priced units.<br><br>Move here at your own risk and dont even considering buying a unit unless you want to lose money even in a booming real estate market. <br>
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