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Aztec Villa Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2006
Watch out for mold. I lived at Aztec for seven months and bought out of my lease because of the hazardous environment. The first month we moved in, there was mold growing behind our bed. Whenever the air conditioner or heater kicks on you can smell the mold/mildew. We asked for something to be done in regards to the air vents and the managers said that there is no telling where the mold is and it cannot be cleaned. The aparment made us sick... sore throats, coughing and fatigue. Our clothes smelled of cigarrette smoke and moth balls and WE DONT SMOKE, I am allergic to smoke! Our neigbor said that he has the same problem...so it wasn't just our apartment. We bought two air purifiers towards the end of our stay and ran them full blast all the time...they only helped a little. At first there were great people in the complex and now it seems to be going downhill. DRUG HAVEN. Also, Children ride their bikes in the parking lot in between the cars. Both of my vehicles have huge scratches on the sides. There is a place for kids to play but they play in the parking lots. I saw one girl drive into a police car parked in the parking lot with her bicycle and another boy hit a car parked in the handicapped spot with his scooter. These things happen...but way too often here.
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Aztec Villa Apartments

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