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Georgetown Apartments



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Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
I moved in there in january of 2006 and moved out 1 month later. At first my toilet kept clogging and I had no more than 5 mins of hot water, I complained and they put a new hot water heater in which was nice of them but I still had no more than 5 mins of hot water. I complained and they said I was crazy. Less than a week later, water started pouring out of my the closet my hot water heater was in and then shortly thereafter sewer water was pouring out of my toilet and tub. When i say sewer water I mean brown water with Excrement floating in it! It went into both bedrooms the hallway and part of the living room. They called two different plumbers to no avail. The owner came down and tried to blame this on me saying i must have flushed a tampon down the toilet. No tampon is going to do what had just happened and NO i hadnt flushed one. She said she was going to have to replace the pipes but refused to replace the carpets. Unbelievable! My carpets were soaked in feces for a week, they wet vacced it but the "water" kept coming. I immediately moved out and they did give me my money back but thats beside the point. They were rude and disgusting... I'm sure they didnt replace the carpet which means the next tenant is walking around on that filth!
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Georgetown Apartments

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