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924 Florida Ave, Panama City, FL 32401
924 Florida Ave, Panama City, FL 32401

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Pelican Bay Apartments



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Dayle Stidham • Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/14/2016
I lived here for 3 years. The original owners were great and maintenance was prompt, polite, and efficient. The grounds were well maintained and there was a certain standard set. They didn't advertise on Craigslist and actually really cared about their tenants. When the new management took over, things quickly went down hill. They own many properties (including The Arbors and Heritage Apartments) and spread their maintenance guys very thin, repairs/problems were not responded to, and they started letting anyone live there. People were throwing there trash by the dumpster (not in) and it progressively started feeling like no one cared. The straw for me and my family was that mice started getting into our home. I had a small baby at the time (and an older son) I would be playing with my infant and see a mouse scurry across the floor in broad daylight. I called and they sent their regular maintenance guys (not an exterminator) and all they did was foam insulate little holes that they thought might be where the mice were getting in. They also set traps. That didn't take care of the problem and we had to set our own traps. This happened a few more times in which they didn't hire professionals. I gave up and broke our lease and found a little house with a yard. They waived our termination fee (which I believe was the least they could do) but they would not give us our deposit back. We are very clean people, we never left food out and I always clean and mopped the kitchen. There were many other issues, one of which was rain constantly leaking through the sliding glass door, and water leaking through the wall from the AC of the neighbor (shared wall). Brown water constantly from plumbing and old rusty hot water heater. We had to pay almost $1000 for that place per month. We pay that now for an updated house with a yard and we have an extra bedroom.
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Pelican Bay Apartments

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