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Avalon Apartments

8800 Pine Forest Road

Pensacola, FL 32534



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JCarr27 • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2015
I've lived in quite a few apartments as my husband is in the federal government and we bounce around quite a bit. I was only in Pensacola for about 6 months from March-August 2015. With the lack of gainful employment, I had a lot of time to spend at home, in this particular apartment complex. Parts of the apartment complex were great, others...not so much. The first thing was that Avalon is a gated community. But only sometimes, when they feel like it. Like most gated communities, the main gate is open during morning and evening rush hour; which I think is an excellent idea. But, then sometimes the timer wasn't completely working and the gate wouldn't close for the rest of the day. That was in the beginning of March/April. Then, in July, the box to add in your code was hit and was dangling by the wires for 3 days while the gate was left open. Other times, the gate is propped open by a cement block. I'm not sure what that's about, or why you would even have a gate if it's left open all the time. Like most apartment complexes; most of the staff are inept at the job. I ordered something online.The tracking showed that it was delivered. I checked the mailbox and had nothing. So I went into the office and they informed me they didn't have any package for me. I checked my mailbox the next day (I wasn't sure how big the box was!) and the following day, and on the 3rd day I had my husband ask the office to check for a package. Again, no package. Fast forward close to 2 months and I had another package delivered. I called and asked if I had something in the office, and I did! Yay! When I go pick it up, I was given 2 packages, the new and the old one (that stood 2FT off the ground) that I was looking for 2 months ago! Looking at the shipping label, I saw that it did indeed have my full name and my apartment number. I simply asked the question why I didn't receive it sooner and the answer was "We mislabeled it." Here I had been blaming the USPS. With such a large box that sat for 2 months, wouldn't someone in the staff take the initiative to contact me? But no, everyone in the office did the bare minimum. That's probably why the staff is never consistent other than the Assistant Manager. It's a revolving door of new staff constantly. The only saving grace regarding the staff is the main maintenance guy. Not sure his name, but he had to come in in the beginning of my lease to fix my oven as it kept tripping the breaker. Then, a few months later we had a giant wasp nest on our balcony and he came by and knocked it down. Afterwards he said he was allergic so I really appreciated it that he took the time and effort to knock it down! The actual apartment was okay. Lots of space and wide hallways so you can move furniture and a screened in patio. As I was out of state trying to secure the apartment, I did a lot over the phone/email. I asked if it was new carpet and I received an enthusiastic "Yes!" Much to my surprise when I moved in and it was not. They charge you $40 for a washer/dryer each month. I guess that's normal for that area. I spent a lot of time in the gym. For how small it is, there's a lot of equipment and free weights and a squat machine. The pool was usually clean during the week, but not during the weekend. Lots of leaves, but really...there are a bunch of trees above the pool..so I get it. There's also a basketball court that seemed like it was used a lot and a playground for little kids, that wasn't used often. There was a car wash bay that we tried twice in the spring and both times it was broken. After we left, it was like pulling teeth to get a final account balance and final water bill. After consistently calling the Assistant Manager (almost daily) and having multiple conversations that ended in "I'll get it to you soon!" in a irritated sing song voice. She finally emailed back after a week. Which I find funny because I WANT to pay you, just give me a final account balance. No stupid fees like cleaning that most apartments like to tack on (a license to steal if you ask me!) So that was a *good* surprise. I will say and that it's not the apartments fault, the left turn out of the complex to get onto the interstate is a complete nightmare. The interstate is a quarter mile away and it would take 10 minutes to be able to turn left and finally get on the interstate. Horrible.
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Avalon Apartments

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